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Trivia Question:

Do you know what the acronym  NEWS stands for?

--north, east, west, & you got it....south--

Hello Everybody

DJ Headphones

Thank you for the wonderful local radio station.

I had a little Live On Air experience.  (& archived shows)

The Station is in Reno and called America Matters.  We had show on Wednesdays at 11 - noon, called Mustang Matters; it was about the News regarding our Wild Horses and Wild Lands.  

My Wild Horse Advocate and Country singer song writer and guitarist friend, Lacy J Dalton was the main hostess.  

I have a few radio requests: 


Song play list .  

And a few items related to your broadcasting programs.


My other friend and client in my previous location , is on the Truckee Mayors Panel, Jessica Abrams.  I love you. 

I have been thrilled to learn the updates, thank you!

I am sorry you lost some listeners while in the introduction of the COVID stages.   Sounded like a lot to take on and quite a bit to process and pass on.  THANK YOU!

 I bet you could use a relaxing facial/spa treatment?!

This is what I am working on to offer to people near -far, at a safe distance, re regarding the COVID era.

Extended Hygiene  link

Before all the COVID issues I was working on a piece I could share with the radio regarding Professional Skincare :like a special on mens care, balancing the two areas of the face where one shaves and does not, Is a single or a multi blade good, for wet shaving; dry shave and more....for an example. 

 Bar soap-vs- liquid soap and why? 

What is the difference between a sunblock and a sunscreen? How can you read the difference between them? 

Exfoliating: what that means and what is the best for your personal skin type.   

Hydration: nourishing the skin with things the skin understand and accepts: amino acids, minerals, certain emollients  -vs- essential oils, filler products, petrochemicals &/or misc.... 

If you cut your skin: infection can go right in.  Do you want to put a band-aid over it, ointment, both, or let it air dry, etc/...?

Many of us Practice Good Hygiene.  

*note- The Professional Man are generally my Best Customers.  

They understand the importance of proper grooming and are great with making, keeping and enjoying their appointment.

A healthy & hygienically savvy Women are my next best customer; as they too understand the importance of extended care and seek out products & services that they could not otherwise do at home.  


During COVID times and more,  simple tips for extended care are more critical than ever.:  

Relax, De-stress, Restore,  Get and Stay Healthy, Eat Well,

Laugh, Breathe,  Diligent Care,.ie, Spa Mentality!

Better Care should become A World Sensation.  

Basic Skincare Tips

Maintenance & Care





Inventory & Integrity



Elevation  high &/or low


Online Dermatology

Clinical Face Tattoo - Permanent Make-Up 

Gift Certificates 

About Us


Past Live Presentations & Slideshows

Going Green

Testimonials - Thank You's

{Cabin Stay} & some local wild west info



I'm interested in learning more about your advertising ideas for me.

Not sure if I'm an



Sponsor - (Groovy Good Day)- 

In addition since this new world wide pandemic of the COVID

I have: been working on things to help the public, near -far, in a safe space, educated & integrity based, free during these times. 

Things I Can Offer  

Creative Ideas

Positive Thinking

Environmental Liberty 

Family Memory Tribute 

The Official Comic Relief 

Music Messenger 


County STR Tourism 

Researching Alternatives


I have some personal radio adv sponsor & music news requests: of my own. 

I have been a follower & 

I was listening intently, until I experienced two people passing away in my family recently. - 2 different sides of my family two different states - but was related to the stress of the COVID news.

I also was not able to listen to the local radio announcers emotional broadcast simply because I did not feel our community has been hat hard hit and the drama or heightened anxiety based emotions were too much for me to listen to.  

Taylor and Dr. Ken Cutler Talked about self care. 

And we heard it from our Mayor Dave Polivy it is about Expanded Hygiene.  

The next reason is I have very different and very real reasons why I do not want the Funk in my life.:

Hygiene Business  - (also prime in tourist locations). 

Thank you for addressing the  Short Term Rental (STR): and Other County Concerns link

I second the notion of Cheri Seigel,  that , It Is Not The Right Time.

Being a life long local, And do know a lot of what is going on around here; a lot of good and with population also comes the bad.  .  

I actually feel that Tahoe has been a mess for a while (last 10 15 yrs) now and do not like the fact you sell :stoke" - stop profiting off of our precious environment!

I also wanted to touch base on something the Mayor said about living in here and taking things for granted.. As he mentioned once on the radio, that we feel like it is a No Lock Your door policy kind of place.  

Well, it used to be.  

I. a life long local do not feel safe and or at peace here (anymore) I personally have had a life & death assault from a Construction worker who was employed at the Retail Manager of The Rock Garden in Truckee (2000).  Specifically due to this ;I am the reason why 911 policies are changed here on the NShore..  

You had a different speaker, I was for promoting visitors, I think it was Jeff Fence,  on the radio and you spoke of Kindness was important (to our visitors).  

I also regrettably a decade later I met the towns bully and because of his god given German last name of Funk;  he has grown big headed.    The more the town embraces the Funk genre of music & promotes it.  It goes to his ego (he parades the name around on his clothing, hat, and worse...). 

Please share this with To Whom It May Concern from Boreal regarding the 5'oclock Funk Hour they sponsor and KTKE promotes.  

I made a Music Messenger  page to my music and event friends addressing this.  .  

In recent times, I was able to get a corrupt Judge disqualified and sent into early retirement tho!

So, yes, quit selling the place!

And I personally an insulted when I hear your listeners on the radio advertise for you and say, Hi I'm so & so I'm from Truckee - or Kings Beach, etc...

I would like to see more  transparency  from the people who are not born and raised here.  Who are you and where did you come from and why are you here, what are you doing to help the environment & community?

Please have your guests or listeners say, something like , Hi, I'm so & so; I live in Truckee (x yrs) from Connecticut.;& what they do (not just for income - but to be a positive  addition in the community too)   

I LOVE!!! Thank You, Stacie.  

Supports Nonprofits:   and are focused on the non-profits that are making a difference and trying to make a thriving community.  

I was the first on the scene at my neighbor house on Fire in Kings Beach April 22nd. 

If we do not have the appropriate response time for houses on fire off the HWY how can we save homes more rural?

See all of this and more details in my letter to the County

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