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Nothing replaces a live Dr., if you would like a local referal please inquire.  

SY offers an
Online Digital  Dermatology Dept

SY - Presentation - Mole vs Cancer (1).J


Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Speak to a Dermatologist Direct - MD fee (approx $35)

(click & just wait  few seconds for picture upload page to load)


Dermatology has advanced in the recent years and it is important to get your skin checked.  If you have a lesion you are questioning take good care of yourself and make an appointment, either with your local Dermatologist (we are happy to help with referrals). 


-or -

SY Online Dermatology:

Free = Digital Analysis.  - &/or-  Approx $35 for a Live Dermatologist's report.  

If you cut your skin: infection can go right in. 

Do you want to put a band-aid over it, ointment, both, or let it air dry, etc/...?

Is it a rash?  Infection?  Will it go away on it's own?  Is there something to put on it OTC (over the counter)?  Does it need a prescription?  Does it need to be seen by a Doctor? 


1).  Go to - your local Dermatologist Office.  

1.) AT Home  - Take 2 photos and enter them into a data base to compare like kind. 
(free - or-  $20 with microscopy photos taken at SY )

 Take two Photos and Compare to Digital Data 


2.) Take photos and send them to a (live) Dermatologist will will reply with a diagnosis of the area of concern approx $30..  
(approx $30 - or-  $50  additional with microscopy photos taken at SY).  

Send Case to Dermatologist

For concerns of nature that may need a Dr's diagnosis we are proud to announce an

Easily click on link and send photos. 
Coming Soon
In our Second Youth studio's the photos may (or may not) be taken with a specific microscope camera.
We also recommend if you have a place of concern and can take a picture of it
(in macro mode -setting with the flower) and log it every second week to a month. 
(as seen on video macro mode but correction from video where I said face settling- you want it to be on the flower setting.)
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