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Gift Certificates

SY Gift Certificate.JPG

Gift Certificates available


Facials, Waxing, Tinting, Facial Tattoo, etc...

A prepaid amount allows for when your guest wants to book their Service from their prepaid amount.   


Request a Hard copy like this Certificate

 Also send your guest in, we can make arrangements for after they depart for who to contact regarding their fee.  {House Account}.


Please fee free to contact me anytime at your convenience.

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Ideas for Others:

Teen- proper Skincare - helps Self Esteem

Send Your Partner in for  

Primping or Pampering.


Have Anyone You want to Honor.

(placement at place of business)



Team Building 


Appearance Quality Control

(appreciation, self esteem, health /care), 

(general skincare), and/or

(help with issues such as wearing fask mask all day at work is irritating or making their face break out, etc..)


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