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Those who are invested in themselves &/or may be looking to care for their skin,

you have come to the right place. 

We Custom Tailor Professional Services and Products.

Here are a few examples of what we will cover so we can get a game plan together:

What are your:Interests & Concerns regarding your skin.?

What is your life style like? 

Extreme Climates:  Dry - vs- Humid,  UV (radiation) exposure, Wind, etc?  

Occupational Exposure,  For professionals who want to maintain their appearance.

Examples of who some of my best male customers are: 

Pilots are required to get skin cancer screenings in their physical check-ups. 



A General Practice Doctor who clearly understands the concept of over all health and wellness. 

A Businessman who, schedules me in on his day of grooming, starts with a facial.  He goes next to get manicure & pedicure, followed up by his barber; on a different day his does his teeth cleaning & a massage.    

A happily retired Banker, Investor, Businessman who has successfully worked his way to the top and perused his ideas ,made the Fortune Magazine Cover, eventually attaining a Superbear status.  He is a world traveler and owns multi property in & out of USA) and I am honored to say he flies to where I am to have his personal services done with me.  

All on a Trump scholarship!  Not only did he finish his degree by playing music, he played & organized a Big Band. 


He has been the finest of true friends, full of solid support and honest lessons.  in addition an inspiration to many and still  is!  In the years of his playing, he unfortunately broke most all of his Capillaries (blood vessels) in his face (have cauterized 85% of them over the years and he looks great!

He told me he was embarrassed to ask for help, once he came in we got our game plan together and we bonded:  He told me he used to have the map of Georgia on his face, now he only has a state route here or there (& it's character).  

We advanced to working on his mature skin (that he had never taken serious care of before.  He also teased and said he had barnacles on this temples and forehead now he just comes in for a wash & wax.  

A Fireman who's career also calls to be awake and alert at odd &/or all hours, that in itself can take a toll.  

Rock Mason who enjoyed getting a deep clean after all the sweat, dirt, sun over the years,  He was riddled with skin cancer and had had many chunks cut out of his face & body over the years.  He was tired of getting so beat up by the dermatologist & then feeling self conscious about some of the scars left, he said he looks like Frankenstein (& with body injuries walks like him sometimes too).  He doesn't want to go thru that anymore.  He was refereed by the Dermatologist to get facials as part of a preventative practice.  He has many choices of places to tender as he has multi homes in statewide places and I am also honored that he chooses to have his skincare services done with me.  And has no issues to continue his schedule even during our construction phases.  We've been pals ever since, scheduling a facial after his work day, before a weekend as part of his constant preventative treatment protocol.  His girlfriend is a retired flight attendant and we have enjoyed many services together throughout the years too.  

A fun bonus is he's a 

River Raft Guide (and I have been so blessed to join in on the fun, is one of my favorite things to do!  Plus it's great for me to learn, see and teach the practicality of proper SPF care with extreme sports).  

Professional Chef and Cooks, wow!  Being behind that hotline and breaking a sweat and possibly dealing with grease, humidity (boiling objects), dry air (ovens) and then extremes like the walk in freezer from not only are you working with all of that (topically) but internally too as most of you are rushing around at the prime dinner hour as restaurants may get a rush of customers to serve.  You also go under the radar and deserve to treat yourself to something on our menu (of skincare services &/or products).

Computer Tech's.,  Thank you for all that you do and in the matter of interest note that you too have things in your profession to take in consideration with skincare.   Sun (UV rays/Ultra Violet Radiation) (and studies are finding also High-Energy Visible (HEV) light, which is naturally occurring but also pours out of the screens of technology devices (computers, smartphones, etc..). 

  (see more on SPF page)      

Shaving Preferences,

The anatomy of the Man's face is very complex as we have areas that are growing a beard and areas that are not, softer skin as in the eyes, and lips, These areas all are combined of very different types of skin cells and have a job to preform (grow, shed absorb) very different and specific function as well.


The are where you shave is being exfoliated, the areas you do not shave are not.  

There are different ways to shave: Wet - vs - dry.  

If you are wet shaving chances are you are using a product too, perhaps a foam or a gel or soap, etc..(ie., that is introducing a chemical component).  In addition there may be a internal stimuli created to the skin in this area (compounded by many factors the manual razor shave across the face itself &/or absorption of water, products, etc...)   .  

A dry shave is purely physical.  

No matter what the modality the shaving process is a way to exfoliate that area.

I hope  you experience a nice shave one without unnecessary redness, bleeding, irritation/stinging, dryness, and get to a refreshed smooth healthy feeling.  


It is important to balance the places which have not been shaven.  

Imagine now, over the years if gone unbalanced.all the work we'd have to catch up on - so let's start ASAP......

Sports & Hobbies: 

Please don't stop doing the activities you love; please just do them as smart as you can:

Glasses rub too hard?    Redness &/or purple lines that do not go away?  

Skin feel more irritated or greasy in the sun with SPF (let's get the right stuff for you).  

                                                      (see also  Wild Horse (Mustang) News

Capillaries (blood vessels) - treating broken capillaries (Telangiectasia)

Intact blood is blue; yes, we are blue creatures!   When blood is exposed to oxygen, it oxidizes and turns red. 

Broken capillaries are tiny broken areas in the blood vessels in our face and body.  

They will not go away on their own, in fact without care in time they will just get worse (like a leaky tire).  However, in clinic we can treat these broken vessels by using sewing needle sized electrical tips to cauterize the ends of the broken areas.  

Telangietasia can be from hereditary.  This can be caused from an accident (a baseball hit someones cheek and after the healing there was still a patch of broken blood vessels) red area.  Some of us get red in the face when embarrassed- this is not good, do not "make the kid blush" because in reality it is all the blood rushing through the capillaries and somethings they burst.  Leaving us to see oxidized blood under the skin.  


There are two different types of pours in the body:

Sweat (sudoriferous gland) and Oil (sebaceous gland).:


The Sweat gland eliminates perspiration (water) and and at times different toxins with it.  Oil gland excrete sebum, the skins natural lubricant (skin, hair and nail), in efforts to help keep the skins ph moist and not dry out and crack. 

Oil glands can get infected (acne) &/or be over active in general. 

There is a world of study and knowledge on this subject: 

basically we kneed to keep it in balance so it is not stripped of it's own measure of oil production and try to produce more in it's lapse.  all the while keeping the skin  from a build up (exfoliated) which could clog the pores and thus create deeper issues such as infections, etc...

Weather and Reflection :

Whether it be the Wind, or the Rays of UV.

Sunny beach days 365 days a year at Sea Level 


thin air at High Altitude, 

Water, Grass, Snow and more have massive reflection qualities.  

Skin History:

 Allergies or known irritants?


Sun Exposure:  Past (unprotected - vs- protected) & current SPF usage?.  

Skincare routine?

Surgeries - Scars?   

Youth (break outs/ scars/medications - to no issues) past sun exposure?


No matter what your life style is we offer quality care and solutions for your needs.

Balance, Care,  Maintenance,  Prevention, Restorative, Relaxing &/or Stimulating,  etc..

can all be fun and simple

Start with:   an inquiry-  book a basic facial and  get some simple products.  

Our office is a on private property, small, custom personal office, for one at a time appointment only,

-not commercial, busy, etc... 

Schedule a Game Plan:

Like booking a facial  around the seasons change - or once an annual quarter (4x a year).  

Great job on the path to Skin (our largest Organ) Health.

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