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Extended Hygiene


Skincare - Not Just a Wrapper. Your 1st line to Immune Defense.

Skin's job is to hold you together


the rest of the world out.  

It is fascinating!  


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We all know wash your hands. 

Now is the time to take things a set further. 

Do you know what you are washing with is effective? 

See more re: basic skincare tips

Bar soap -vs- liquid?

Do you exfoliate (get rid of dead cells)?

Do you hydrate & SPF (care for live cells) ?

Trim all nasal hair. 

Men's care also see below


Is your skin braking out or irritated from wearing a face mask?

Are you wearing an appropriately fitting one for your face?

Is your face mask leaving a mark or indentation on your skin?

Are you cleaning under your nails? 

How about your mouth?

Do you smoke? 

How about your teeth?


-also see what's new with us in SY-


Many of us Practice Good Hygiene.  

*note- 'The Professional Man' are generally my Best Customers.  

They understand the importance of proper grooming and are great with making, keeping and enjoying their appointment.

A healthy & hygienically savvy Women are my next best customer; as they too understand the importance of extended care and seek out integrity based professional products & services that they could not otherwise do at home.  

The Person who understand environmental impact to their skin.

During COVID times and more,  Simple skincare tips for extended care are more critical than ever.:  

Why you should shower daily even while in quarantine-

Relax, De-stress, Restore,  Get and Stay Healthy, Eat Well,

Laugh, Breathe,  Diligent Care,.ie, Spa Mentality!

Better Care should become A World Sensation.  

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Skin is a complete System

Body's Largest Organ made of tissue, nerves, fibers, cells, molecules...
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SY - Presentation -  EE - My Skin Sensor
SY - Presentation -  EE - Internal Skin
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Majority of COVID-19 Swabs tests are being taken from the nasal area. 

But it has also been noted to effect the skin

7 Signs Your Skin Is Trying to Tell You You Have Coronavirus

With proper skincare you are able to nourish and heal from the inside out and outside in.   

Spa Services can be tailored and are designed to work systems of the body,  these are a few examples:


Lymphatic  System: -  there are many tiny nodes that connect to glads which carry waste & control illumination, things are broken down to fluid, such as sweating; where toxins are excreted or urinated out, etc...The lymph can be blocked easily such as a rubber band to tight around a wrist, or socks too tight, waist bands, bra straps, etc.. so loosen up the restrictions.  

Circulatory System: - the red & white blood cells are attracted to the area during a facial.  The red blood cells bring nourishment & the white blood cells destroy bacteria internally .  

Whole Body: - As many of these body systems work with  gravity as a factor:  the top of our bodies work moving most fluids downward starting at the  from the head and moving things to the waist; and then the other half works against gravity; your body moves the lymph & blood upward from your feet to the center of your body.  

​Respiratory System  - breathing well is a big part of spa mentality, aided by our environment (relax, meditate) (stream, saunas,, etc..) .

Nervous System:  - During our Services (& educated home care practice) these  basic pressure points are activated during our massage techniques  (facial &/or body).

Cell Life Cycle:  - When we  exfoliate (regular maintenance of getting rid of dead cells either in stronger strengths in spa &/or quality at home products

we can positively effect the life-cycle of cell growth and more: collagen production, immune cells, reverse free radical damage, etc...

If you simply are curious about Professional -vs - OTC Products  & things like SPF's. 

No matter the occasion we are here to help you.

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SY - Mens Skincare Big Hit in  Hollywood

Men's Basic Skincare 


Men's Extended Hygiene

Please give consideration

during World Wide Respiratory Virus COVID-19 Era. 

good time to


{Example:  'This Guy' has never been known to have Professional Skincare & Maintenance in my 30 yr career.  And I know for a fact all the potential for dead skin cells, different oils, bacteria that can grow, fester, populate and be concealed  on a beard like this..}

If the world is taking drastic measures to be safe, we appreciate the men who do their due diligence and maintain their face (& misc) hair. 


You can grow it back when the Scientists have found a cure for the quickly spreading fatal viral infection.


IA slight bit of growth, nicely groomed, soft, clean,easily concealed under a mask if necessary is acceptable but

-Are women really attracted to men with hipster beards?-

COVID 19 may spread to 26 ft - USA TODAY

When in doubt do a quick Self Extended Hygiene Face Check:

1.  Put your coat on, zip it up over your nose. 

2.  Breathe in & out a few times (interchange) via nose & mouth. 

3.  Remember you are desensitized to it too.

4.  Now how fresh is that? 


5.  To a fresh baby? 

6.  To a female who does not have excessive face hair &/or smoke?

7.  Please, think about that. 

8.  Then I ask; Would you want to swap your young child (w/someone who doesn't do their part in extended hygiene)?

9.  Do you smoke?  Do you have a smokers laugh?  

10.  Smell you hands & repeat steps above  

I urge Employers to require mandatory Extended Hygiene practices:

 take nose,





hand and wrist Jewelry Off

if it can not be appropriately covered.


Proper Cleaning & Care for Jewelry.

For an honest personal jeweler & artist contact my mom,

need a repair, custom item, take a class, she works with all size projects and clients needs,  in or out of state







Clean Under Nails

{I am happy to help refer you to a local manicurist.}

No Face Hair (can grow it back when crisis is officially over)  


If needed, seek out a Dentist and Hygienist.

{I am happy to help refer you to a local Dental Team.}

 (with no questions asked at a time of viral infectious pandemic) 

Snazz It Up - Diane Ayer - Jewler and Te
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SY - Prof Demand Prof Product.JPG
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SY - ascp-member-logo.jpg

what SY is offering during this time

**near -far, safe distance, free & more**

SY Online Dermatology - Free = Digital Analysis.&/or  Approx $35 for Live Dermatologist 

If you cut your skin: infection can go right in. 

Do you want to put a band-aid over it, ointment, both, or let it air dry, etc/...?

Is it a rash?  Infection?  Will it go away on it's own?  Is there something to put on it OTC (over the counter)?  Does it need a prescription?  Does it need to be seen by a Doctor? 

Free=  Digital analysis comparison to digital database. 

Approx $35 to access an MD (their fees) (no fees from SY); available via this site;.  
(have your picture ready & available)
SY - Presentation - Mole vs Cancer (1).J


Services:  Care & Maintenance : Offering 10-20% off Services during the COVID  financial hardship for qualifying individuals; inquire within.  
Home daily and more detailed routines, goals, professional services....).
I wear protective face mask and shield, vinyl gloves, disposable utensils, and sterilize anything else that may come in contact. 
One of my Aesthetcian Work Uniforms  (1)

New in our new office is also a  medical grade sterile UV lights (kills germs & viruses in the air, on surfaces, materials and misc., items in the room - including your handbag & clothing).  
UV light.jpg

Only taking one apt  when we are able to do business again (in person) every two weeks to continue to ensure the safety of myself and public. Stay in touch as  TBD re: Medical and Public Health Officials information updates. 


Product Consultation - Free.
(have your picture ready & available).
SY - Ingredients.JPG

We have In our Studio Professional  Retail Products plus  a larger selection at our Online  Product Store

- Offering a large selection of Clinical, Organic & Cosmetic Grade Products Available  -
 *(not mega warehouse  nor a novelty/accessory store (see why not). 
THANK YOU for your purchase as when it originates thru this website each time of purchase (that is the only time I receive a nominal credit  but that credit allows me to offer this quality service to all.  (coupons/discounts are available and apply when starting via this website). 

In SY Studio we have Professional Products and We also Sell:

Hand Sanitizer - 3oz - $11


Formulated with aloe vera and vitamin E, this hand sanitizer leaves your skin soft and hydrated. For use when soap and water is not readily available, hand sanitizer can help reduce bacteria that potentially can cause disease. Conveniently packaged in a tube for on-the-go use.


Dispense enough hand sanitizer to cover all surfaces. Rub hands together until dry. 


Active: 70% Ethanol (corn derived): Antiseptic

Inactive: Aqua, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Glycerin, Isopropyl Myristate, Propylene Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Aminomethyl Propanol, Carbomer

70% Rubbing Alcohol - 16 oz - $8 -&/or- Qt -$14

(99% is temp out of stock)

Disinfectant Wipes 180 ct $18

(-vs -80 count in Lysol wipes approx $12).

Salon & Clinical Grade

(Virucidal, Pseudomonacidal, Fungicital, Tuberclocidal)

Rubbing Alcohol qt.jpg
Heading 6

Anyone else who wants a relaxing or deep cleaning treatment?  

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