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Past Power Point Presentations

Skin Is Not Just A Wrapper.  

Skin is your first line to immune defense  
Skin is very interactive with the rest of your body.   Skin touches the outside air and has many layers to the bottom where it touches the inside of your body too.  
Skin is fascinating.  Skin creates a new skin cell virtually almost every day.  
Skin talks to us;   it tells us when it is soothed as It also will tell us when it is irritated.
If you skin is in good health we usually take it for granded.  However when skin is cut or broken, we tend to seek help right away.  
Your skin is made to hold you together and the rest of the world out.  
SY - Presentation Esthetics Ed (EE) - Sk
SY - Presentation -  EE -The Expert Adva