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                                 Mud can represent so many things. 


         It can be super fun! - or-  It can be a metaphor for being stuck. 



      If your a normal Adult you have probably experienced; life these days can be                             very complicated (positively or not)








    And at some points we all (even innocent animals) can feel what it is like to be                                                 overwhelmed. 


                   It is primal and a basic necessity to restore balance. 








              We invite you to come and participate is any of our Services. 

   We also welcome you to take home some of our Therapeutic Home Care Mud.                   Services and Products available to use at your convenience and leisure.  

           Our mud has added benefits:  exfoliates, hydrates and stimulates the skin.                                   Therefore preserving the skins over all health and appearance. 
        Combined with proper care these treatments also aid in skin cancer prevention.   
In addition the process can be fun all with dignity in tact, and possibility of being restored.  ;)
                  Depending on the season; plan your  private spa treatments accordingly:
                                           We welcome you to stay on The Property
                                 get away from hot climates into the Cooler Mountain Air.
                   If you want to really cool down, cozy inn (&/or experience Winter &/or Snow).
                                                  *please inquire within for details.  
                                                      Our Off Seasons are beautiful!
             If you need to warm your self after a long Winter we'd love to see you in the                                                                                              Summer.  
                                                      No Matter the Season or Reason:
                       We want you to see and enjoy your refection when you look in the mirror.
                             People all around the world are savvy to it.    :)   xOoXxOO.  






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