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Do you know what 

the term 'At Liberty' in  equine (horsemanship) language means? 

It means when all gear is off the animal and it is free to roam the fields at will,

ie., at liberty.  

Please see

Helping Animals And Yourself (.) org

for more details on our last remaining 

Wild Horses 

Learn what the government is doing to our Wild Horses.


You can help; without opening your wallet, getting dirty, etc.. unless you'd like to

we would love to have you. 

Until then



Vote for the Wild Horses

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It is important to think past our selves

Extend a hand

to our

fellow communities too. 
It is my personal opinion as far as the environment and wild animals go they should have no boarder. 
My voice on our precious East Shore and the Wild Horses

This  page is for you my special friend Lacy J Dalton.
My favorite Country singer and Mustang Activate
and local Virginia City, NV Rock'n Girl!
And most fun to be on the live radio with.  

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There are invaluable, provenbrilliant,  sustainable and many

more creative projects 

just waiting to be embraced.  


And my treasured friends. 
They are pure love.  Honorable inspirations .  Mentors to me.:
And long time Clients of mine too.  
Stacie (wild horses) and Cathy (shaman & astrology) (artist)..
art by Cathy McClelland

My passion is the environment, innocent beings and our trusted beloved work horse, the wild horse.
(my humanitarian hobby/website
 Within reach is in our neighboring mountains
which has some of the last wild horses left on the planet.   
Were I have met and made friends with very loving mustang minded people. 
Wynema Ranch is home away from home too. ​

If we are lucky the will not go extinct in our life time due to environmental threats and Political gains,

ie., Mankind is the Wild Horses worst Enemy,
with old fashion round ups being the circus of all evil;
a.k.a.  unnecessary & costly, ruthless,  lethal inhumane end destination for our Mustangs. 
Understanding the Cause
Literally they come in peace for water.  If the government deems it necessary to continue to sell the meat for profit to Canada, Mexico & Europe. 
Just simply corral them gently. 
No need for helicopters and stampedes and more $#*+ like that!
We have done our wild horse a dis-service in protesting slaughter in the USA, simply because our beloved Mustang still gets rounded up.  And to add to insult, on our tax dollar.  Majority are inhumanly treated on their capture, separation from natural band and journey way over the boarder.  Worse  the animal is sold buy the lb (so pregnant & new moms are more wanted) and over the boarder USA looses all control.   

-New Announcement-

I am happy to offer and share 20% of my Service proceeds go to a 
verified legitimate wild horse &/or sustainable future,  
non-profit organization in our region. 
Some Goals
I am open ears to your sustainable interests also. :)
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Meet some more friends of mine:  

(see also in small print in alphabetical order on the line up link under Music
are more  I know personally & know about  but probably could a refresher.  ;)
I'm a (now retired) performing Aerialist too if that helps some memories.   
Lacy we have a mutual local musician friend in common Tim Snider (song of many Free Falling)..  I look forward to when we all catch up.  
Very powerful and beautiful is is music colleague and a favorite of mine is
Nahko Bear,of of many great songs Alha ka Kua 
I personally know the Producer and Founder of Guitarfish, Hangtown and am also 8 year Jam Cruise repeat offender with friends there too Hi to  Cloud9 , Jordan & Grandpa too.  ;)
My dream would come true if you guys did the festival!  Maybe something like 
on bottom of Music Messenger page
There are Event Planners, Music Producer, Musician, Performing Artist, Vendors Clean Up Crew & More,  Maybe
Country & Bluegrass one Night 
Soul, Jazz & Disco  (just call it something different than the phunk) Another  (Groovy)!
Rhythm & Blues & Autistic Guitar the Last.  

Other Local Organizations:

TT Community Foundation 

MAP - Mountain Area Preservation

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