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Financial Uncertainties

--may call for creative or drastic measures--


I am offering a variety of services from free to discounts for qualifying clients (inquire within) & I am willing to Trade.= 

LMK if I can be of any assistance +

(see more below)

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Navajo Nation residents face coronavirus without running water

REVERB is a new documentary series from CBSN Originals. Watch the latest episode, "Coronavirus in Navajo Nation," in the video player above. It premieres on CBSN Sunday, May 10, at 8 p.m. ET. Load ...


HAAY.orgCommunity Education Programs:  Alternative Resources - Sciences     &    Ecological - Research - Alternatives

in the meanwhile please

Vote for the Wild Horses

art by Cathy McClelland

I am hopeful the world will move toward something better, please see our Positive Thinking page for ideas & more.

The old ways in many respects are very outdated.

Example the Constitution was written when there was a very small population of people compared to now.  

1950's was 75 yrs ago.  The science was developing and  pollutants were lass. 

Financially speaking

The world grown and fed on greed and it can not get away from - ie., people have an inherent  feed the greed.  

--or do we?--

This is a great start for an example:

48 CEOs taking pay cuts to help their companies survive the coronavirus

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If you &/or anyone you know may be interested &/or in need of professional skincare; 

I am willing to trade for misc services &/or retail.  Please LMK who you are and what you are interested in and have to offer for trade, etc...


School Students: What can I help with and what is your skill set? 

If you are not sure,  I could always use help with things like Fire Prevention yard clean up, Office Assistant Misc., , 

Personal Health Service Providers:

Dentists, Hygienists, Physical Therapy, Cosmetologists, Massage Therapists, Etc... I would be very interested to trade services with you.    


CPA, Book Keepers, Philanthropists, & more:, what time can we schedule?

Computer People - is there anything you see on this website that needs editing, improving, etc...?

I have more projects too.

Social Media Guru's, I am interested to talk.

Scientists & Inventors:  I have an idea to kill germs & viruses without house hold cleaning products.

I need some help on some research and to make a demo model & get a patent, etc...

Trades People: Carpenters, Handymen,  (Electricians, Fireplace, Masons, Plumbers, Welders, Mechanics,

Seamstresses, ,etc... I'm defiantly down to work out trades.

Food: Chef, Cooks, Shoppers, Etc... I would love to trade with you.

House Keepers & Maids:  A facial cleaning for a house cleaning, sounds great to me.  

Specialized Sports Coaches

Karate, Equine, Aerials, Gymnastics, Swimming, etc...

I am interested to broaden my scope.  




For Sale &/or Trade

pictures 002 (4).JPG

1972 Honda Enduro Classic 175 cc - not sure of the miles

collectors item, was running but battery needs charging & flat tires,otherwise good shape & would be a score for parts.  $475  OBO

Compare to prices

2000 Honda Motorcross 100 cc - Strett Baja Kit (after marrket -street legal & registered in NV) approx 100 miles.  

Kit Start, great shape.  $450 OBO

Compare to prices

Misc Motocross Accessories also Available

My Friend is  the most awesome Motorcross Person, Bike Mechanic & Custom Welde;

If you need a referral LMK 

For Sale:  .  Pictured is an idea of how I decorated it.   Without soft goods 


1993 - Tiger RV 4x4 - 28 ' , V8, Chevy Truck Engine, Double Battery (engine & Coach) - Marine witch after market to save batter life.  Hardwood floors, skylight, fold down couch bed &/or over cab, two different center tables, bathroom, large back window (great for visibility

Approx 190K miles, all new parts tho, great shape, drives smooth, purrs, starts right up,  have all mechanic paperwork. (it's never been to BM).  Camped with wild Horses outside of Washoe Lake at Wynema Ranch in Stead NV & Virginia City, NV & I also enjoyed taking it to Cisco Grove Campground off I80 about 30 minutes west of Truckee,  along the Yuba River for a couple of examples tho.

Starting Price $4000. OBO

See also 1993 Tiger/Provan Tiger CX Prices and Used Values | NADAguides

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