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One of my Aesthetcian Work Uniforms  (1)

I wanted to reach out and say hello. 

I hope you and your loved ones are doing well!

I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

I'm also checking in and seeing if I can help you with any of your skincare needs?


Maybe polish up before going back to work or out and about....?

Perhaps your face mask was irritating or made your face break out...?


Here are a few of the newest links that I have been working on to share:

I have a new number and  moving from phone to more email, feel free to contact me; however it works best for you.

and we are trying a new addition of

Live Chat Online.  

(I apologize, if I am booked with an appointment I will not be able to answer and get back to you as soon as I can}

We look forward to connecting with you. 

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Extended Hygiene 

what we are able to offer educational and integrity based during these uncertain times:

near- far, safe distance, free & more,

SY - Mens Skincare Big Hit in  Hollywood

Online Dermatology 

Example:  You cut yourself, and infection could very easily go into your body via that.  How do we heal it quickly? Is it best to put a band-aid over it or air dry?  Ointment, if so what kind? How long? Etc... 


Next is compare a questionable area like; is it a mole -or- is it cancer? 

Is it fine or should you get it looked at by a professional?  

These features are wonderful and easy to use. 

Simply take a picture of the skin that is the concern and once uploaded into the system it will scan for the digital diagnosis (free).  

If you have further questions and want to talk to a doctor, via this Online Dermatology you can do that for a nominal fee of approx $35 (Dr's fee) 

(There is no charge accrued from me, I am simply happy to share this new Online Dermatology Service with my Skincare Customers.)

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Online Products

Only when ordered starting via this website.  The connective link will record your purchase (thru computer cookies)  and knows it is connected to us at Second Youth (SY) 

(we are a local small  business person) - and this feature enables us to give you the most updated, competitive pricing ant at the convenience of the 24/7, online and delivered to your address.   

 I am excited about this acquisition because We are able to offer 100 of personal hygiene products and they come straight from manufacturer (so you are supporting them too) not a mass misc warehouse. 

Our online store also has customer support should you need.  

I am here to help you with your product questions.

Financial insights:

The commission is nominal, less than 5% but it, wonderful to have access to.   

Your purchases via page  gives us the activity we need to keep our online store open-connected and offer this ability of

100's of up to date, professional products and service representatives available for

 online skin, hair & nail care shopping   

straight to your door.

This concept also allows room for supporting the economy local and nation wide. 


for being a repeat customer to this sight and your purchases!

SY - Ingredients.JPG

In our SY Studio we also sell

(and can ship if necessary) :

Hand Sanitizer- 3 oz -$11

hand sanitizers-.jpg


Formulated with aloe vera and vitamin E, this hand sanitizer leaves your skin soft and hydrated. For use when soap and water is not readily available, hand sanitizer can help reduce bacteria that potentially can cause disease. Conveniently packaged in a tube for on-the-go use.


Dispense enough hand sanitizer to cover all surfaces. Rub hands together until dry. 


Active: 70% Ethanol (corn derived): Antiseptic

Inactive: Aqua, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Glycerin, Isopropyl Myristate, Propylene Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Aminomethyl Propanol, Carbomer

70% Rubbing Alcohol 16 oz $8  -&/or- Qt  $14

 (99% is temp out of stock)

Rubbing Alcohol qt.jpg

Disinfectant Wipes 180 ct $18

(-vs -80 count in Lysol wipes approx $12).

Salon & Clinical Grade

(Virucidal, Pseudomonacidal, Fungicital, Tuberclocidal)


In the Studio we have added a

UVC Medical Grade Germ & Virus Killing Light,

(germ wand down)  .

for exterior items like: purses. jackets, shoes, etc... being brought into our sanitized clinic.  

(not intended for your skin/body) 

UV light.jpg

 In the studio we have always worn gloves and a mask,

 we added face shields. 

(pictured above).

-and also may wear  

-eye googles -


double masks.  

We have new  and improved and simplified our clients payment methods: 


 bank to bank tranactions, Zelle to SecondYouth@outlookcom 


use QR code to access 


for the SecondYouth PayPal -and/or- Credit Card payment links.

SY - JS - PayPal QR code.JPG

We welcome you, 


we want you to feel good in your skin;

see also

Basic Skincare Tips


Contact Us for your Skincare needs 

Mention this hello Message:


Buy One Service and Second Service of equal value at 1/2 price.  


 20% off selected Services 

to qualifying clients - inquire within

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