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Welcome and thank you for choosing our cabin for your getaway! We are delighted to have you as our guest and hope you enjoy your time in your new home away from home. You should find plenty of information about the cabin and surrounding area in your hospitality tab in your online rental reservation booking.
There is a directory of Emergency numbers posted on the wall by the front door and in the hospitality section of your online reservation.
and this new tourist information links:

We used to have a white binder that was for the details of the cabin: lights, parking, restaurants, things to do in the area, check in/out, etc...
It has been unclear if the binder will stay and it will be converted to the online template like this one.
There are a few idea listings in this upcoming information, however always call ahead or double check to see if these places are open in general or if it may be seasonally open.

Then regarding the cabin, we are confident that you will find the cabin clean and equipped for your getaway that go with this cabin.
We have always kept a tight ship regarding our cleanliness. We love our guests who are too!
We have not needed to change a lot since we are thorough and aware of our home and guests use.

My first business by schooling is Aesthetician (clinical Skincare) and we also have a small custom studio on the property should you be interested to have an appointment - please contact me for an appointment.
That being said, we have access to clinical grade cleaning supplies and I have always implemented the highest in cleaning protocols. I have also added between each guest stay during and after the cabin is cleaned a medical grade UVC disinfectant light that will kill germs, viruses, molds, fungus, etc...
The real concern is - (as you are probably aware) when we are coming in.
Also each time you go in and out.
So therefore we ask you to be a safe as deemed possible and thank you for your understanding, patients and co-operation as we learn how to implement things to be the safest and most all around effective broach as possible.

We have multiple suitcase holders that allows you to utilize your suitcase without bending over and keeps it of the bed.

maincabin (3) maincabin (1) access to ma
Medium Bear at Viewing Rock - 5 5 2020 (

with a 

Private Clinical Skincare Studio

--also with lake & mountain views--

(walking distance of trails, beaches and businesses),


Private Property.

SY 2017 brand new  (5).JPG
SY - Facial Chair.jpg
One of my Aesthetcian Work Uniforms  (1)


More Local businesses


Additional a la cart

Personal Extras are Available for an Extra Fee, examples::

Grocery &/or Flower Shopping (prior &/or during your stay)

Food Preparation- (by Selected Local Chefs & Caterers)

Maid Service (if additional clean is needed beyond the basic departure clean) 


Tour Guide (with local guide)

Ski Instructor (with local certified instructor)


-Other Misc.-


Inquire within to check for referrals,  availability, prices, etc...  


If you need more space than a one bedroom cabin,  perhaps you'd line up all my immediate neighbor's cabins who do rentals. 

I am happy to help.  


for your interest in visiting & networking with

someone who is studying & striving for   eco sustainable local tourism,  

green building concepts on property and for all 

is giving back

Creating more local environment education Sustainability


Supporting the Surrounding Communities

We are


maintaining, sharing, caring

for the land & visitors. 

We are

keeping up with the environmental issues 


some (not all) either big or small.

Thank you for supporting small earnest businesses.

-Wild Horse & Environmental info.-

actively addresses the County re COVID and the Environmental issues 

working & offering what I can Professionally during COVID times

Please feel free to Contact Me anytime

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