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Trivia Question:

Do you know what the acronym  NEWS stands for?

--north, east, west, & you got it....south--

Hello Everybody

DJ Headphones


 Maria, Thank you very much, the attachments helped  al lot!!   I think I better understand the way in which the ads would be aired and the costs.    I look forward to doing business with you.   


Thank you for the wonderful local radio station.

I had a little Live On Air experience.  (& archived shows)

The Station is in Reno and called America Matters.  We had show on Wednesdays at 11 - noon, called Mustang Matters; it was about the News regarding our Wild Horses and Wild Lands.  

My Wild Horse Advocate and Country singer song writer and guitarist friend, Lacy J Dalton was the main hostess.  



Now for information regarding your Personal Skincare Regime from your Specialists.  

Many of us Practice Good Hygiene.  

Here are some simple tips for extended care are more critical than ever.:  

Relax, De-stress, Restore,  Get and Stay Healthy, Eat Well,

Laugh, Breathe,  Diligent Care,.ie, Spa Mentality!

*note- The Professional Man are generally my Best Customers.  

They understand the importance of proper grooming and are great with making, keeping and enjoying their appointment.

A healthy & hygienically savvy Women are my next best customer; as they too understand the importance of extended care and seek out products & services that they could not otherwise do at home.  

Before all the COVID issues I was working on a piece I could share with the radio regarding Professional Skincare :

like a special on mens care, balancing the two areas of the face where one shaves and does not,

Is a single or a multi blade good, for wet shaving; dry shave and more....

for an example. 

Bar soap-vs- liquid soap and why? 

What is the difference between a sunblock and a sunscreen?

How can you read the difference between them? 

Exfoliating: what that means and what is the best for your personal skin type.   

Hydration: nourishing the skin with things the skin understand and accepts: amino acids, minerals, certain emollients  -vs- essential oils, filler products, petrochemicals &/or misc.... 

If you cut your skin: infection can go right in.  Do you want to put a band-aid over it, ointment, both, or let it air dry, etc/...?

Better Care should become A World Sensation.  

Basic Skincare Tips

Maintenance & Care





Inventory & Integrity



Elevation  high &/or low


Online Dermatology

Clinical Face Tattoo - Permanent Make-Up 

Gift Certificates 

About Us


Past Live Presentations & Slideshows

Going Green

Testimonials - Thank You's

{Cabin Stay} & some local wild west info



I'm interested in learning more about your advertising ideas for me.

Not sure if I'm an



Sponsor -  Vinyl ly Friday - 

PLEASE!!!!   REPLACE FUNKY with anything else..ex: (Groovy Good Day)-  FRESH or FABULOUS FRIDAYS, 

In addition since this new world wide pandemic of the COVID

I have: been working on things to help the public, near -far, in a safe space, educated & integrity based, free during these times. 

Extended Hygiene  link which the drop downs hold more skincare information.

Things I Can Offer  

Creative Ideas

Positive Thinking

Environmental Liberty 

Family Memory Tribute 

The Official Comic Relief 

Music Messenger 


County STR Tourism 

Researching Alternatives


I am sorry you lost some listeners while in the introduction of the COVID stages.   Sounded like a lot to take on and quite a bit to process and pass on.  THANK YOU!

 I bet you could use a relaxing facial/spa treatment?! 

THANK YOU for Your Time!!  And looking over these ideas.   I look forward to staying in tune to 101.5  as always.    :) Helping Animals And Yourself)  is also my website.

I referred to it by a link  on the cabin stay page.   

Under Home page on there are drop downs and more on wild horses and 

what I have done.   

My message re: wild horses are:

Come!! Please!!  We love horse minded people. 

Get dirty - or not,  national or not, vote for the animals please vote!  is the basic page to get to the National or Global Animal Welfare links and simply vote, if you can not do anything else. is my National Animal News and Voting Links page.    

Basically I am a referral directory for the wild horse collaborations I have worked with or learned of. 

Like most things,  computer data might be updated (go for the ground work) (you'll get somewhere). :)

Anyone that ha anything they would like to contribute, share news, learn, interested to positively partake,  etc...we welcome you anytime!


The Art of Cathy McClelland
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