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Funk's Out Groovy's In - mean people suc

Don't Get Me Wrong,....

 I love funky music!! 

But unbeknownst to majority of us; there is a bully who is German decent with a last name of Funk.   Jeffrey Baird Funk,  6'4" tall, in shape, 46 or 47 yrs old. 

Who has recently expanded to Nevada City from Kings Beach (owns in both).  

 Mr. Funk is BIG in the weed,  music and more (serious partiers) community. Mr. funk recruits many out of towners and also promotes his ego. 

(not sure a good thing he has branched out, to me I think  it's just one more unassuming innocent community that he is sprawling into, with new cheerleaders (male & female) to conquer).  

Mr. Funk is well know, (advertises his last name on his clothing, like sports jerseys ("FUNK")  he is the party mascot.  He knows people are cheering for "Funk" everywhere!! 


Which untimely makes things 100x worse behind the scenes!! 

Funk and his long lasting antics as in aggressor, bully and termed  narcassistic by two different evaluating professionals.  

 Mr. Funk has destroyed lives (as I am witness).



I regrettably had to learn the hard way.  Put it this way, if Mr. Funk has any more legal trouble Mr. Funk will be going on his fourth domestic abuse case.   Mr. Funk violated his anger management parole. Maybe more.  

Priors in: Hawaii, N Cal, N Tahoe (maybe more).  

In addition, it took me over 18 years but I was able to get a corrupt judge disqualified and sent into early retirement.

  am actually writing a book on the subject., with a best selling Author and have retained an Editor, who has visited the location.    

More given upon request.  

FYI  PLEASE- The whole scene  is long over due and needs to re-up!!!

PLEASE STOP praising the word Funk because it is more of an issue than the music!! 

I actually turn my radio off, (even though it is one of my favorite segments and music genres) when you guys promote the show just because I can not hear the word "Funk" anymore.  

I'm not sure if your sponsorship should know too, there are larger things at hand, but I think it is for the best to air this information to people who can make a positive difference.

Trends do change and it is high time for a trend setter to start the movement.

Politely, gracefully and with fun; please hear me;

Funk's Out Groovy's In.  

Keep the sound; change the mantra!! 

I am not interested to announce this information yet or in this fashion. 

It is time I start sharing this information with you or to Whom It May Concern so certain peers in the community have some deeper insight and knowledge on all different sides of the spectrum.    


One of a Nerve by Mama's Cook'n

I can't go for that.  Hall & Oats



Rodeo Clowns by Jack Johnson & G Love

Feel Good by Gorillaz


You Wish by Nightmare on Wax


Get the party Started by Pink 

Pump Up the Volume by MARRS

Stereo by Boombox


Get It Right, The Motet, 


Get The Funk Outta Ma Face, song by Brothers Johnson

Like Sugar by Chaka Khan

I feel for you, song by Chaka Khan

still have the sound but not promote the word 'Funk'.

Lesson by Pimps of Joytime

Groove Armada by Superstylin

Move on Up by Curtis Mayfield


Putt in the Boogie by Zach Deputy

Dark as the NIght, Nahko Bear

Galactic Heart of Steel 

Smooth by Santana fet Rob Thomas

 No Diggity by Chet Faker

Keep Going by The Revivalists

This is my friend, Lacy who I was on the radio with: 

The Last Wild Place, song by Lacy J Dalton

this video is old skool Sierra's out 89  (&maybe even squaw valley).

Lacy was married to one of the Charlie Daniels band members, she still rolls with many artists. We had a few people from Willy Nelson's band sit in on our radio program once.  :)


And many more music requests, as the mood updates frequently   :)

And where to place my advertisement or .........

I like 

funk (just desperate to simply, change on the title; it is sooo totally played out, over used, abused & more, as mentioned above).




smooth jazz....


Ya know, things that are nice on the ears, upbeat in the vibe.


Good info or comedy. 

Not too fast (a lot of info...) - or - repetitive


yelling at me like: come down buy a car, NOW;

tune up your gear, it.....!!!!  

{I get a headache with these type of ads.} 


anyway these are friends,

who I also love their music:


Music Messenger

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