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Professional Skin Care History 

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  Experienced and passed five state licensing agencies:  Nevada, California, Washington State, Minnesota & Hawaii. 

Continuing Education is elective not required by the Licencing Board.  

Thank you for visiting, Second Youth for your skin care needs.  .

Sharing Knowledge

Examples of volunteer community services and presentations:

Mothers Against Drunk Driving - fall 1995, contact Marjie Lapania.

Airline Pilots Wives group - winter 1995, Mary Gaston/ Elizabeth Kelly.

Big Sister - Childrens Cabinet - spring 1996, contact Sara Vanstan.

Northstar - Local Fashion Show, summer 1996, contact Connie/Velia Estalla.

P.E. & Health Class - Incline High School - fall 1997, contack Mrs. Clark/Mr. Bean. 

Womens & Wellness Program - American Center for Longevity, Nutrition Chiropractic & Sports Injuries - July 19, 1999, contact Dr. Barry Triestman.

American Express Womens Golf Week, American Heart Asso GoRed for Women Movement - Enrich your life though gold group - June 10, 2006, contact Gail Hill.


Donation & Gift Certificate - Rotory, Lyonns, Optimist, Ice Foundation, Churches, SNC College, Washoe County Search & Rescue, Kids and Horses....


Studying Skincare Since 1991