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 examples below and world wide:

Friendly, Fun, tried & true, Easy, Inexpensive, Etc...

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Snazz It Up - Diane Ayer - Jewler and Te
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Proper Care for Jewelry.

For an honest personal jeweler & artist contact my mom,

need a repair, custom item, take a class, she works with all size projects and clients needs,  in or out of state

--sharing ideas-- 

from one desert to another


Gals, we can make this pretty, and all your own style.  

Egypt -Cotton Mill - Jess & Hand Weavers
Cowboy Up.JPG
Pet Mint Bandana
Horse and My Shadow.jpg

Guys & Gals; I gotta say; I love the simple and smart bandanna;

Yay Stetson Style! 

Wild West is a personal favorite of mine!

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COVID KIDS Section (6).JPG

Kids, what does an umbrella signify?  Protection?  It is too simple- small walking sized kids may find it fun & easy to use a clear 

drop style umbrella.  It may possibly keep the germs from over their heads from falling below on to them, etc...

If the family still wears face masks maybe draw peronalities on the outside of the mask.:

Animal Nose & Whiskers 


Kissy Lips


also see

28 of the most creative face masks around the world. 

by Mathew Wilson, INSIDER and, May 18th 2020.

see also

MOO MUFFS (earmuff for cold calves)

I love it!!! 

I am inspired and love these ladies working creativity

Love from MN, NV, CA & HI

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COVID KIDS Section (1).JPG
COVID - Kids Section (1.1).JPG