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In Loving Memory 3-26-20 & 3-37-20.JPG
Our kind heart-ed Step Dad.
73 years old - Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Computer Wizard, Scientist  & More.
Tahoe Local since '78 - Retired & passed in TX,  3/26/20 of Stress
I dedicate a new experimental science project in your honor

Dave S    April 25, 2020

Except for the professional poets or people such as Mike who know how to turn a phrase and work a witty pun, words are mostly fleeting. I could stare at this screen all day and never do justice to the thoughts and memories. Mike was constantly a part of my life, starting before I can honestly recall if the memories are my own or just a regurgitation of the stories I've heard time and time again. He always stepped in at the right time, with a smile and a can-do attitude.
From my formative years, when as example my soccer coach quit without notice, he stepped in and took on a team of 7/8 year olds, teaching himself only moments before trying to instill the wisdom in us. We never won, scored only a few goals, but everyone showed for every practice because we had fun and more importantly, ice cream after every game. During the metamorphosis from those early childhood crisis's to the adult ones - college research papers, the first purchase with more digits than the bank account statement, wading into the world of finance, fighting the morally corrupt, recovering from natural disasters, etc. - Mike was always there, always. Of course, with many jovial adventures and travels along the way. The lighthouse might not be tended, but the beacon still shines true. Love you forever!

Jessica S April 27 2020

There is just not enough space to write all the wonderful things I'd like to regarding the kind Man who helped raise my brother and I. I love your descriptions and fully agree. He was supporting, fun, witty, intelligent, curious, determined, adventurous, kind heart-ed and much more. I had found memories of school science projects; not so much at the time but in later years. I know he enjoyed them more than I, so later I grew to appreciate all that and more. One of our experiments was can you create electricity from fruits &/or vegetables? A= yes, citrus for a fraction of a second. I was working on a project i recent day and was due to talk to him shortly. We did share correspondence and a picture of recent snow; it prompted him to tell me; That the time I did not know where going to be one of his last words to me, "I used to love to go out and shovel the roof after a big storm with the bright blue sky and puffy clouds looking out over the lake..." His birthday was coming up the following week so, I thought I would find an old picture or tow that I recalled and send that and a few supplies regarding a current day science project (to help the world during this time). I miss you! I miss not being able to share all of that. I think I will always have a continuing conversation with you. My love grows on with you in loving thought.


Our Beautiful Cousin.

38 yrs old, Mom of two & Professional. Lived & Passed in MN,  3/27/20 - of a heart attack.


Your light shines on.  We were blessed to have you for the time we did. 

May your kids always know the loving light that you are.  We hold you dear in our hearts.  Many blessings to all that surround you!.  

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