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Skincare Services: 
Proud To Announce
Online Dermatologist link - Upload Photos App
For Concerns of nature that may need a Dr's diagnosis we are proud to announce an
Easily click on link, log in and send photos. 
In our Second Youth studio's the photos may be taken with a microscope lens.  
A Dermatologist will reply for a small fee.  


Complimentary Skin Analysis - $0
For someone who is serious about their skincare needs and does not know what to do or where to start.  Allow approx 25 min
Pick Me Up - $75

Designed for the person on the go who needs a little T.L.C. to refresh their skin

and soul.  Allow approx 40 min.

Maintenance - $100

An individualized over all check up for the health conscientious person. Includes a nice cleanse, mild exfoliant, light extractions, relaxing lymphatic drainage massage with therapeutic muds or moisture for an exceptionally fresh feel. Allow approx 55 min. 

House - $125 

Step into a comforting skin treatment that is customized, preventative, cleaning, exfoliating & nourishing. Allow approx 1 hr 15 min

Gentleman's - $125

Balance, clean & individualized care, also focusing on the differences between the skin tended to while shaving and the areas that are not. Allow 1 hour 15min.

Deep Cleanse - $150 $185 - $220 (see times)

Corrective cleansing &/or dissolving approach to effectively clean skin which is desperately in need of re-balancing for lasting results. Some skin types require treatments in stages &/or multiple sessions). Allow approx 1 hr 30min  - 2 hrs - r 2 hrs 30 min). 


Specifics & Ala Cart:

UV Photography - $15  (free to qualifying customers) 

Aid to measure depth of damage from ultra- violet radiation. Picture.

LDM Add On - $20

Facial Service: Add an extra 15 minute Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM) to any of your services. {Our List of Facials include a 10 min LDM.}

Allow approx 15 min.

Professional Product Masks: - $35

For those who are on the Go ---->, who usually take care of their skin but may need an extra boost to get thru the week. whether it be an interview, date, wedding, or relief from a sunburn, etc... and you do not want a full facial. Come in with a clean face, we will indulge your skin in any variety of masks related to what your skin is craving at the time. Allow approx 30 mins.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid - $45

Alpha Hydroxy Acid, (A.H.A.) is a natural rapid exfoliant. A Treatment for Cancer and/or Clogged Pore Prevention. Our AHA's are pharmaceutical grade (medical grade) Water soluble, low pH. These AHA's safely penetrate evenly along the skin's polymers (cell binders), which Cleans hair follicles, Loosens dead cells and Bacteria; effective in treating problem skin. Stimulates collagen and elastin at the fibroblast level, Speeds up cellular growth, Enhances product penetration.

Allow approx 45 min. 

Beta Hydroxy Acids - $45

Beta Hydroxy Acid (B. H. A. ) is for problem skins: An antiseptic blend of Beta Hydroxy Acids, Glycolic, Salicylic and Azaleic acids all known and proven natural acne fighters. Our BHA's are pharmaceutical grade (medical grade) Oil Soluble., low pH. These BHA's safely penetrates evenly along the skin's polymers (cell binders), which Cleans hair follicles, Loosens dead cells and Bacteria; effective in treating problem skin. Allow approx 45 min. 

Enzymes - $65

  Pineapple/ Papaya








  Jasmine &/or 


Enzymes are a natural way to exfoliate and uncover the underlying layers, promote cell renewal and oxygenate the capillaries. They come in a Variety of Products (anything from mild to very strong). Allow approx 40 min. 

(seasonal products).

Tighten & Lift - $85

This treatment is to tighten, refine detail and tone skin that needs a little extra touch. Delightful for fun (an event) or maintenance. Allow approx 45 min.

Ultimate Nourishment - $85

For the latest in customizing powerful vitamins, decedent proteins, silky collagen, therapeutic muds or moisture and inviting antioxidant concentrates. Also helps environmentally damaged skin, and is a solar soother. allow 1 hour.

Brightening/Lightening - $85

A superb blend to fade dark spots. Pharmaceutical grade Glycolic, Kojic acid (derived from mushrooms), Azaleic acid (known for rapid pigment emulsifier and acne fighting properties), Vit. C (repels UV damage, anti-oxidant, boosts skin lightening efforts), and Licorice Root extract (proven botanical bleaching and anti-bacterial properties). Allow 45 min.

Switch - $200

Switch from doing peels to an Immune System Enhancer treatment. This switch treatment is a powerful cell proliferation agent. Allow approx 1 hour 30 min.

Microdermabrasion -
approx 7.5min $15, 15min $30, 30min $60, 45min $75,...

A physical exfolient designed for those people who are unwilling or unable to go through a chemical peel. Treatment works delightfully in conjunction with many other treatments.

Spot Treatment - 60 minutes. (prices vary).

Jessner Peel - 1st layer $75, each additional layer $10. 

Professional Strength - friendly deep peel for most skin types. Excellent for problem, blemished or acneic skin as well s hyper pigmentation. A variety of different facial peeling depths can be obtained by layering multiple coats (apply layers as needed). Consultation and Patch Test required.



This long lasting combination Lash & Brow Tinting is a hair dye specifically intended for the face and eye area. The dye lasts approx 2-3 weeks and fades out. The mixture contains a lower % peroxide than regular hair dies combined with a vegetable dye which is safer for these sensitive skin areas. We offer brown, black &/or an auburn (red) colours - we can also do a blend.

Eyelash Tint - $30

Eyelash Tinting - Allow approx 25 min.

Eyebrow Tint - $25

Brow Tinting - Allow approx 20 min.

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tints - $50 package 

Combo Eyelash & Eyebrow: Allow approx 45 min.



Please inform your Aesthetician if you are using any strong exfoliants such as Rentin A, etc..

Brow - $25

Eyebrow Wax. Allow approx 20 min.

Lip - $15

Lip Wax. Allow approx 15 min.

Chin - $15

Chin Wax - Allow approx 15 min.

Cheeks - $20

Cheek & Side-burn Waxing. Allow approx 15 min.

Face Wax - $65

Face Waxing: Includes: Brow, Lip, Chip & Cheeks. Allow approx 50 min.

Under Arm - $20

Under Arm Wax. Allow approx 25 min.

Bikini - $40

Bikini Wax - (standard sides): sides of bathing suit line. Allow approx 30 min.

Brazilian - $50

Bikini & More - (standard G-String line). Allow approx 45 min.

Full Monty  - $60

Everything Goes- (Full Bikini). Prices & Times Vary: Starting allow approx 30 -  50 min.

1/2 Legs wax - $45

1/2 Legs: either lower or upper legs. Allow approx 40 min.

Full Legs Wax - $65

Full Legs - (standard Feet to Upper Thigh (does not include Bikini). Allow  approx 1 hr.

Feet Wax -  $30

Tops of Feet & Toes Wax - Allow approx 25 min..



Permanent Make-Up

Include Consultation: Discuss Individual's Wants & concerns, Styles (example: hair strokes & arch), Color & Patch test (behind the ear).  Service includes Individually wrapped, sterile , disposable equipment.


A hand tapping method, which eliminates the use of a machine (example: near the orbital (eye) area)


A digital machine tattooing device can be used for deeper ink work (example for the lips). .

Topical novocaine during the, permanent make-up service.  A post procedure balm for home care. A post visit appointment scheduling and touch up if needed/(normal for lips).:

Permanent Brows - $200

Permanent Eye Brows. Allow approx 2 hrs.

Permanent Eyeliner - $150

Permanent Eyeliner - Top -or- Bottom Lid.

Allow approx 1.5 hrs. 

Permanent Eyeliner Full - $200

Permanent Eyeliner - Both Top and Bottom Lid.

Allow approx 2 hrs.

Permanent Lip Liner (Blended) - $200

Permanent Lip Liner Blended (unlike clown lips). . Allow approx 2 hrs.

Permanent Lip Liner Full - $325

Permanent Lip Liner Blended & Filled In (unlike clown lips). Consultation 1st: Allow approx 3 hrs.



services include a free consultation.

Tattoo & Permanent Make-Up Removal

Small Tattoo & Permanent Make- Up Removal.  
It can be done, but there are many different skin types, tattoos, and methods for removal.  

Skin Tag Removal​ - 
1 hr is $125. so 1/2 is $75. 15 min is $37.50, etc...

Removal of Skin Tags. Skin Tags are just a little extra keratin that the skin is producing leaving a skin color raised piece of skin, usually in thin skinned areas like around the eyes, neck , under arms, etc.. that can easily be removed. We use a light weight hand held device with a DC and RF current that we use to cauterize the skin at the base of the skin tag. This method is safe and a sterile way to be rid of skin tags.


Broken Capillaries/Spider Vein Removal -
1hr is $125. so 1/2 is $75. 15 min is $37.50, etc...

Broken capillaries (Telengectasia) on the face can easily be removed. Consultation is included and required. Pre & Post Care information.  We use a light weight hand held device with a DC and RF current that we use to cauterize the skin at both ends of the broken Capillary and many times in the middle segments and as needed as the vessels are spider webbed over the face. This method is safe and a sterile way to be rid of the broken capillaries. It is important to understand how they started and could come back without proper care.


Sliver Removal - approx $25.

For the Extreme in Splinter and Sliver Removal, We will clean the area with antiseptics and we can see with our Microscope how the object is angled and have the skin tools to help pull the piece(s) out. Allow minimal 20 min.

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