Going Green


Putting it simply, we live in an era of rapid changes that effect us all. 

We are a proud member of Green Spa Network (GSN).  

We are spa groups that are focused on:

Sustainability, Eco-friendly partnerships, Reduced Waste Concepts, Industry Leaders, Etc...).

Our evolution:

I have  have gone through many shifts in business regulations (changing sates, building departments, codes, insurances, updating Technology, etc..) to continue to deliver services at a price you deserve.

I have been hard at work to find a way I could cut our over head costs which directly relate to customer savings because we are not paying high rent rates and common area costs

(we still have some of course and they too go up with inflation but over all. we are striving for a better day and tomorrow).


This is a start to our way of being sustainable.and learning & implementing how we can move forward going as green as we can inside the office and exterior is built with fire prevention, for an example it is built with concrete boards that look like wood. Fire sprinkler on roof, And as many other recyclable materials in mind.   .    

see About Us page for more details.


North Lake Tahoe's Original Aesthetician & Clinical Skincare Studio.  

This O.G. is paving the way.

Understanding what the Skincare Clients of Tahoe (and the Midwest)  need.  

Born in Washington State, raised in North Lake Tahoe Elementary, Middle, High School -  (college in Minnesota). 

I have been interested in skincare since I was a young teen.  I got introduced because of a sever case of acne I was suffering from and Dr's were not helping, so I studied the fundamentals of skincare. I was later able to reverse my acne and found myself in the best helath I have ever been by applying healthy principles and making that my lifestyle. 

 I was most interested in Anatomy and Chemistry.  I dabbled a bit with fad's (lash extensions, make- up, etc...but that is not my personal calling. In my early career while gaining much work experience as possible I  worked in Large Hotel Spas in tourist areas, Clinical Skincare Offices in So Cal: Lagunia Niguel & in LA,.  Rented a skincare room in a large Hair Salon in Minneapolis.  And a few more misc... I took myself to as many skincare classes as possible: Utah - Skincare Medical Symposium with Christene Heathman (a few times), Trade-shows all over the USA, Chemistry Classes with Dr, Pugliese in Pennsylvania... (see  also History

Worked in Uptown Minneapolis (SUDZ) - rented the lower floor in the salon/building

(pictures to be added)

Was also featured in the Minneapolis Times Newspaper.

SY - MSP Newspaper Cover - The Reader.JP
SY - MSP Newspaper Article - The Reader.

Moved back home (Tahoe). with family, friends & property interest  also in Hawaii

(ie., understand Island lifestyle as well).    

Opened the Original Facial Services at the Hyatt's  (old) Still Water Spa.   Moonlit as a Florist.  

Owner of  Second Youth Complete Skincare for Men & Women, a custom Aesthetician Office in Incline Village, opened in 1995 -  2012 and then Brockway, North Lake Tahoe from 2013- current day

SY JS Bonanza1995.JPG
Skincare office - 17 years  Second Youth

In 1995 I opened a skincare studio called Second Youth Complete Skincare for Men & Women. 

Our Studio meet the qualifications to train many Incline High School (Big Green). These  Honor Students who were looking for "work Experience" to add to their school portfolio for college credits.  I am proud to say I still currently work with one young gal who has been with me for 13 years, and we still work together on occasion, her name is Michelle Mendez.   She is one of the most special, smart, caring, nicest people I have ever met.   

I also attended IHS and later went to college out of state and moved around the USA then came back to Tahoe; giving me advantage to the deeper understanding of the Tahoe Life styles and the Seasons.

Have held up to five (5) State Licenses: Nevada, California, Washington State, Minnesota and Hawaii. Really understanding diversity in demographics and skincare that goes with.   

Second Youth Complete Skincare for Men & Women - SY-
Commercial Office on Tahoe Blvd, Incline Village, NV 
--17 years--

.A special Thank You to the wonderful young man who grew up with me.

He built the Original SY Office in 1995-

***Much Love***.  

Before Remodel - was old Locksmith

During Remodel - into Second Youth (SY)

After Remodel and Grand Opening of Second Youth (SY) 

more pictures of Incline Village (IV) office above 

cabin 003.JPG
Best Office Assistant Ever!,
Michelle Mendez
She has been with me for over 15 years.  She came to work for me when she was 13, I told her I would love to but  to try back when she was older; she did she came back when she was 14.  I love this girl and her family too.   
I am proud to announce she has gone to Cosmetology School and loves to do hair, nails, make-up and more.  

2010 - 2013

I retrofitted a new ToyHauler RV and went Mobile (self contained):

I added Solar, Sinks, Facial Station (in rear), Washer/Dryer, and reception area in Coach (and more).  

In Researching Change:

2013 - 2015

I downsized and shared an office space with my dearest friends  Kim Grow's Pilates at the Sanctuary Building in Crystal Bay, CA.

The building sold and I took the opportunity to take a sabbatical. 

And  next I went to the drawing board to think how I can best serve my clients and be be as green (clean & sustainable) as possible.  

2015 -  2017

I was working in a small space on my property but in a temporary spot.  

art pic's 005 (3).JPG

2017 to Current Day:

Located in (old) Brockway CA, with a new custom studio made to last) (and to keep costs low ie. eliminate as many utilities as possible:  we use minimal electric mainly solar, no natural gas, no propane, no phones - website and email is most cost effective) (and fine for appointment basis) (we can certainly talk by telephone if needed).

 I was pondering solutions and consoled one of my friends and builder, Mr. S. Kirk,.as I had bought the small  empty lot next door to my cabin (in 2000) 

 He sketched on a napkin during brunch  one of his previous builds on island. 

We were inspired so we built a Skincare Studio.  Took two summer seasons ( measuring precisely &  tight budget).  

We used as much recyclable material as we could.  I absolutely LOVE IT- LOVE YOU!   And incredibly BIG THANK YOU QT!!!!!

SY - Studio (1).JPG