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The  pigmentation in skin cells called melanin, created by melanocytes are immediately triggered when (an enzyme tyrosinase is stimulated)  this mainly occurs when skin is exposed to the Sun (UV rays/Ultra Violet Radiation) (and studies are finding also High-Energy Visible (HEV) light, which is naturally occurring but also pours out of the screens of technology devices (computers, smartphones, etc..).  

Unprotected skin cells are scrambling to get their natural defense ready, and the most vulnerable time for your skin is within the first seven (7) minutes and then at that deep level of UV penetration skin cells just keep sizzling and many times the damage effects the cells so much they go on the fritz and over produce (hyper) melanin and that is how we get dark spots (and worse). 

Proper Professional Skincare can help reverse that but an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure:  

Pat your SPF on your skin rather than Rub into skin.  This creates a shield (a product layer) that protects your top layer  -vs- forcing into the skin possibly breaking the chemical composition and forcing into your pores.  


SPF's are not all made alike.  There is a difference between Sunscreen and a Sunblock.  


Sunscreens filter the UV B Rays and rely on reapplying during timed intervals to keep your skin some what protected. 

The average consumer is used to the term Sunscreen and numbers that may correspond.  Typically a consumer thinks that the higher the number the stronger protection.  In fact this is not correct.  The higher the number means the more chemicals in the product.  Some skins may react more to these higher concentrations of chemicals and when combined with UV rays  (radiation) sometimes it can be more damaging. 

Example:  a person buys a SPF 50 for a baby, but the baby is burning and they get a higher number SPF 65 and the babies skin till gets irritated, and burned, etc... 

If using a SunScreen, I  stick with a SPF of approx 15 -25 and make sure I reapply every couple of hours as needed, rather than use a sunscreen with a higher number.  Perfect for legs and body that you may want a little sun.  



Sunblock /Full Spectrum UVA + UVB blocks is just that; it blocks the UVA + UVB rays. 

There is no need to pay attention to SPF # (with a block a # is a mute point).  Many consumers are not aware of that; so a block may additionally contain a sunscreen chemical to be able to offer a SPF # on the packaging for better sales potential. 

Some blocks (like the 'ol tried and true Bullfrog) may leave a white coating however these days there are many great UVA & UVB blocks on the market (they may start off a little whitish and in a few minutes they will set and will be translucent).  I like this because you can really tell if you are protected; even double coat problem areas. 


Apply by patting it on - vs- rubbing it in,  apply in a crisscross or plaid pattern so you can make sure the skin is thoughtfully protected (especially before going in in high sun), 

FDA information on SPF's


Proactive places where the sun is extreme and there are a few admonitory rules to be aware of.    
Movers and Shakers:

Australia =  In hemispheres below the Equator; the Ozone which naturally filters Ultra Violet Rays (ie., radiation) is diminishing rapidly .  Children are required (mandatory) to wear an SPF to school.  


Brazil = Is very Sun Aware and is #1 following USA in Plastic Surgery.  


USA, Hawaii & Key West  = State lawmakers in Hawaii and Florida recently passed a Bill banning sunscreens containing Oxybenzone and Octinoxate.  These chemicals are readily prevalent but to our dismay they have also believed to cause serious harm to coral reefs and marine life.  

This law will be the first of it's kind in the world.  

Examples of a few of SY's favorite FDA Approved SPF's see also our Product Page

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