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Basic Skincare Tips

Many of us Practice Good Hygiene.  

*note- The Professional Man are generally my Best Customers.  

They understand the importance of proper grooming and are great with making, keeping and enjoying their appointment.

A healthy & hygienically savvy Women are my next best customer; as they too understand the importance of extended care and seek out products & services that they could not otherwise do at home.  

Avoid hot water. 

Avoid Hot Moist Saunas.

Avoid bar soap.

Avoid over washing, scrubbing, 

Room temperature to cold is best.

Ice - not to point where it hurts but cool infected areas, asap on clean skin.

Hydrate with things your skin topically understands and is capable of nourishing without clogging.  

Liquid soap is better than bar soap.  Bar soup leaves an alkaline residue on the skin (just like the residue on the bathtub).

Exfoliate means to get rid of dead skin.  We produce dead skin daily.  We only need to exfoliate on occasion, depending on skin, maintenance, goals, etc different exfoliating plans may be required.  

There are many different ways to exfoliate.  


physical -vs- chemical

cosmetic - vs- medical

liquids -vs- emollients

organic - vs- pharmaceutical 


Shaving is a type of exfoliating (ridding of dead skin cells).

It is important to exfoliate the areas of the face that you do not shave (balance). 

If you are experiencing razor irritation:

Wet -vs- Dry;   Is the blade clean or debris?

Single blade -vs - Multiple:

More than one blade could actually be more irritating because the additional blades may be nicking &/or cutting the skin after the initial blade cut the hair.  

Many after shaves are alcohol &/or cologne based which may also be irritating.  


A hydrating splash that is made of ingredients that the skin will understand (like kind: amino acids, riboflavin, niacin, etc..)  will help soothe, nourish, relax and maintain skin's health.   

Bar soap-vs- liquid soap:   why?  A= Liquid.  

Bar soaps are made of heavy alkaline; for an example,  bar soap will leave the same residue on your skin as it does on the bathtub.  

We welcome you to contact us for more information like:  

Exfoliating: what that means and what is the best for your personal skin type.   

Hydration: nourishing the skin with things the skin understand and accepts: amino acids, minerals, certain emollients  -vs- essential oils, filler products, petrochemicals &/or misc.... 

What is the difference between a sunblock and a sunscreen?

How can you read the difference between them? 

If you cut your skin: infection can go right in.  Do you want to put a band-aid over it, ointment, both, or let it air dry, etc/...?


During COVID times and more,  simple tips for extended care are more critical than ever.:  

Relax, De-stress, Restore,  Get and Stay Healthy, Eat Well,

Laugh, Breathe,  Diligent Care,.ie, Spa Mentality!

Better Care should become A World Sensation.  

Rational Thinking,  

Something is going to get each of us one day.  

If you are so lucky to have the ability; be smart about your extracurricular activities.  



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