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Mountains's are meant for Mellow

- Bustle & Hussle is for City-

People are literally all around these days. 

My back yard mountain for an example has visitors by the masses some seasons. 

Majority come in peace

although our own personal pollution comes too,

if even for only a moment  noise, light, crunch the earth, stir up the water, etc..

but it is stirring things up.  


Most come for exploration. 

Others come to feel the majesty.  

Some are trying to send a message.


Things are still to unknown for the Scientists!

But all it takes is one - one person, one item, one wrong situation and we could have a detrimental problem in the otherwise pristine mountains & water.     

A example is:

Lots have dogs (good dogs - but...still dogs.)

The scenario of beach goes & gear, possibly shed to the beach.  Later dog walkers take themselves & dog.  Maybe the next day they go for a hike, with or with out dog, back pack fibers/ hair, misc...or dog dander shakes in forest, sticks to wood, or who knows, squirrel runs by, the next thing you know it is out out control.  

Please do not get me wrong; I am an animal lover. 
I loved my domestic dogs and also raised two Alaskan Wolves (lived to 16,5 & 17 yrs). 
See also my hobby re: Wild Horses;  (Helping Animals And Yourself).  
Also please see:
kindly vote:
And to share a fun fact for Kings Beach (Speckled Ave - unfortunately is currently unsightly in some areas) but it has the last horse zoned property in all, North Lake Tahoe) and was an old Pony Express Trail Heads.  
Visitors Guid - NLT - Crysta Bay Fire Lo
Medium Bear at Viewing Rock - 5 5 2020 (
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When beaches reopen, are you safe from coronavirus in the water?

There’s no concrete evidence that there’s a greater risk of catching the coronavirus from the water, or even that the virus can survive in salt water very long, but scientists are studying it.


Re: the current day issue of COVID and tourism is:

An other example is:

I personally witnessed paddle boarder the other day.  My first thought was, nice & I'd like to be doing that (rather than writing this) then I thought how scary  That is our fresh water!   Who are they, where did they come from, where did their equipment come from, was it sterile?!  How incredibly senseless of them, if it looks inviting to me, 

I imagine it would for others. 

The worst thing that could happen; is the next thing we know we have 100's of people and gear (plastic, metal, fabrics, etc..) from who/what/why/where in our precious fresh water resource(?)!

How selfish of them, I then thought, how dare they., ie utilize our water because of their boredom!!!

Point is we do not know much about this newest strand of virus and in the past text books of the CDC (from flu histories) show it reoccurs and possibly stronger later in the Fall.   

So until the World Scientist can get a handle on this newest strain;

I am in favor of the 'Stay Home' (ie., your own respective town).

We welcome you when things are safe, emergency, infrastructure

& shopping supplies are in order and ready for all!

Paddle Boarders- 5 16 2020 - see lower s

On very positive notes. 

The mountains are healthy (right now). 

It is also the 1st time in more than a decade that it is not a mountain mess (up here either). 

Things were getting to bee pushed to the max and not a good thing for the environment here.

The wild life is starting to wake up and if I can hear their calls more clearly, imagine what that positive noise & human population control difference is for them.  

This has helped even if temporary..

  -thumbs up!!-



I propose we have a

Noise Ban in the Basin.

-No Loud and/or high pitch Man Made Noise -

especially vehicles &/or vessels.


I choose to live in the mountains for the value of the mountains.

I do not want to live in a place where there is city type noise!

Anyone who doesn't mind excessive noise has never suffered from a migraine headaches induced by noise (feel lucky).

To the point I need to consider where I have lived my whole life and want to continue to invest my efforts to a town where city noise, population, misc issues that come with too many people in general (also please NO- more Low Income Housing & Clientele)  (and more) are tbd because of  excessive growth in the area and desired revenue that need to feed the greed.


Next minimally all 

municipal vehicles including plows and construction

should be environmentally smart.

example:  The Aircar (see also on The Discovery Channel)-

powered by compressed air

has clean emissions, could reverse pollution rates 


little to no waste unlike electric vehicles.

(see also Positive Thinking Page)


If you are interested in visiting & supporting

someone who is a lifer here,

cares about giving back


maintaining, sharing, caring for the land 


keeping up with the environmental issues 

rather than big hotels, casinos, ski areas & some misc venues... 

We are a 

Original 1947 Lake & Mountain View Cabin


Private Spa Care.

(walking distance of trails, beaches and businesses),

on Private Property.



no matter the location &/or occasion.  

- COVID does concern me during this contagious viral time -

we are taking advanced measures to ensure the

quality control and safety of our clients and selves- 

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One of my Aesthetcian Work Uniforms  (1)

.Please vote:  Wild West Environmental & equine Liberty






List: Concerns for the County

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