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Funk's Out Groovy's In - mean people suc

Keller Williams, Freaker by the speaker.


I actually quit performing in Tahoe directly relate from all the toxicity of your group. 

Not worth bringing health (sport) & fun to a group that basically is actively killing my soul.


This is my home, has been for decades; way before this Funk’n BS showed up!

like Organic –vs- Invasive species. 


I’m here to make a difference. 

Clarity/transparency issues everywhere , not just the water but the truth.

Pimps of Joytime - Mud

Toby, Bring me Sunshine (Robinhood- Evil Prince John).

Dr. Heckyll & Mr. Jive, Men at Work.


Jadis the White Witch Tribute

Sister, evil Ice Queen from the Chronicles of Narnia.  ****

Spaceballs, surrounded by assholes.

I Can't go for that (Can't Do) - Hall & Oats

Brothers Johnson – Get the Funk Outta Ma Face ( GTFOMF).

Mama’s Cook’n,  One of a Nerve.     


Queen – We Will Rock You

Pretty Lights – I Know The Truth

BoomBox – Shakedown Street





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