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Funk's Out Groovy's In - Change it Up already




anything else 


ie., He is a Problem.  He Has One Hell Of A Nerve, for sure!

To My Dismay He is The Primary Reason I quit Performing Aerials. 

I actually quit performing & going to any live music or associating with anyone in Tahoe regarding anything related to all the toxicity of he & his social group. 

He just seems to be  grotesque & awkwardly everywhere.  

They pursued taking, Life, Liberty & Finance from me.  

They hurt me & my family.

Was 1st time I learned what a deadly narcissist really is. 

Was confirmed by 3 different Professionals , that's who I was dealing with 

Not worth bringing health (sport) & fun to a group that basically is actively trying to  kill my soul.

-But in the saddle; I changed it up with 

Positive People and Earnest, Enjoyable Endeavors

*Notes - FUNK'S Prior Domestic Abuse Cases: -  PUBLIC RECORDS:


Honolulu, HI – 2004- 2006 re ex wife Patricia Elmiger – Funk who divorced Jeff plus acquired a Restraining Order.


Amador County, CA - 2008-2012.  re problems with his ex girlfriend Cheryl.

(if links are old below - here is County, Names, Dates and Old Docket Number to Inquire within).

To which the outcome was for him to serve Anger Management and have Probation Officer.  

October 2015

Classic Funk - coming near my property (his alibi is that his friends (at he problem house  and created trouble),. 


Jeffrey  Baird Funk brought in (9) Nine of  his best party &  bully buddies

Witness 1 -  Ryan Simpson,,  2 -  Graham Vilkin3 -  Morgan Vilkin, 4  - Jeffrey Lauer,  5 - John Busby, 6 -  Tyler Gaffney 

7 -  Carin Broughton, 8 -   Nilufar Smith, & 9 -  Mathew Smith 

as so called witnesses' which where proven to be either false, unrelated, out of date or irrelevant


I too had witnesses (6) of my own (should have called on more but I was not familiar to domestic violence before I met Funk (as he was a pro) (see above) and I did not want to create drama but

I do have many supporters and these are a handful who wrote witness statements on my behalf: 

Witness 1) Peter Fairely:, 2) Lucinda Giovanni 3) Dan Rebello, 4) Michelle Mendez, 5) Richard Sanchez, & 6) Dominique Pardue

Which was also all later documented as a matter of public record.  

 I am more than happy to provide details.  

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Editor - Nulifar Massdjedi Smith- Jeff F

-September 2019-

She asks, "what are we doing?"

'"I don't know, it's just what I heard..." He said

Then see what this this scrappy dude does....