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Concerns re: Revolving Door 

-Flu was @-


 Problem Rental House on


R.I.P One of Our Own - before the media frenzy.


Tahoe Raised & Music Friend

We all know the reality of the virus here is very real.  


But to bring it to home., ie North Lake Tahoe, Kings Beach, CA.   

The two rental houses with neighbors on both ends of me had the flu in February.  

One pulled thru , the current tenant told me during his sickness, it was the worst he's been thru.  

However, the other one did not.  (ie., IHS high school mate class of '92, Frank Encinas) (one of our own).


205 Park Lane - long term rental house (also got caught recently renting to vacation people illegally 

(ie., profiting off environment, earnest establishments, not managing fire & misc codes plus not paying taxes). 

A.K. A. the problem & revolving door and topic of a three page complaint in months prior) has had a renter/tenant/person   Died at the house in KB,end of February 2020. 

Same house that furnishes bullies.  

He passed away right here at 205 Park Lane, Kings Beach of the flu in February (I went to his celebration of life Feb 28) (it was before big media frenzy). Local kids wondered if it was an over dose because that house is a notorious drug (cocaine) house (current occupant may possibly be related to the owner) nonetheless, the current tenants admitted they were getting ready for a CBC show in the house when this occurred. Interestingly, they talked about him at the celebration of life party saying the deceased wrote on his facebook page,  that he had a bad flu.    


Well, many of us wondered flu or not?  This is very scary for all the reasons!!! 

The curiosity of the time was, why did they not call 911?  Instead the host called another junkie to come over, loaded him in the car and drove him to the Truckee hospital.  The host claimed she did not know if he had insurance so the ambulance may be too expensive.  We all seriously questioned the motive and the time of death.  Was it at the house or in the car?  Why not an ambulance regardless of $, ie., what may she be trying to hide from authorities in the house? Nonetheless it is over and it was before the CDC info on what is happening and what to do.  They would be past their contagious stage as the 14 day quarantine has gone by but they are constantly intermixing in and out of our community (ie., Bay Area cars there all the time - regardless of STR or not).  There is an expression, in times of need; the clean get cleaner and the dirty get dirtier.   

Mainly though this house also represents many of the same age framed Tahoe party people mentalities re; does not follow rules and does not care about anything except parties.  An example:  they had hordes of cars there for two weeks right after the celebration. Weirdest part is my two neighbors who had the flu have never met but look alike; one made it and one did not and I am constantly reminded of it, when the new (loud) guy shows up. 




R.I.P  - Frank Encinas

 -Dead Bear-

Sadly, many of us may have  been there.  

205 had audacity to write a witness stement for an Abuser against me, whom to this day I have never been proeprly introdceed.   Highlighted is her display of intent is to only havr guests over.  At what ever cost.  Also see hera cknowledgement in the paper of garbage issues.    Bear hit on Hwy after investigating 205's garbage.  Neighbor on HWY said they heard it cry b4 authorities euthanized her  :(   (non STR issues blocked ) (will provide clean copy upon request)
Bear hit on Hwy after investigating 205's garbage.  Neighbor on HWY said they heard it cry b4 authorities euthanized her  :(

To the day of this writing (8 yrs), I have never been formally introduced.  She is clueless that she has the audacity to call me by my shortened name (as that is for family & friends).   


Regrettably I have needed to seek more than one restraining order on the people who associated themselves with this hostess.  This was her reply (above).

Can't change the spots on a leopard   Very encroaching but lesson learned.  

New to town and all she cares about is herself and her socializing,.  

Revolving Door at the Rental w/ Illegal STR & Flu in Shore

all photos - for details see pictures and see below

-Who Actually Lives in this Rental Problem House Anyway? -


What does this lease holder do to contribute

positively to our community? 

*For minimal 8 years she does not hold a regular job!* 

In fact she is there daily & random cars are In & Out daily usually stay for approx 30 min - 1 hr too. 

Irritatingly obvious when her yappy little dog as every single one of her her 'company' arrives and leaves 

It hads become obvious to the surrounding neighbors, things are problematic.  

*this house  notorious for years as drug house*

Funk expressed once to me, he thought the history, of a deceased drug dealer, aka 'The God Father"  was cool & seemed very intrigued by it. 

Not a positive legacy but.... 

seems the owner has a knack for finding like kind renters.  

These immature neighbors in 205 Park Lane Kings Beach CA 96143 are simply too much for me and some of my other neighbors, we are at a breaking point with them. 

I wonder if this single dwelling residence has a lease agreement with one tenant? And does that one tenants state they can support the costs of the house, Hence, the house was rented to them?  This particular person does not hold a job (to the best of my knowledge) she is relying on others to cover the costs.  She needs many roommates to cover costs which also means many people there and these people are entitled to their guests, etc....

If it was not not COVID time; what does she do for a living ?  Or earnestly & positively do in or for our community?  Besides illegal AirBnB?   Because in the eight years she has rented, she has never gone to a work place?  I ask that because I am a person who is earnest and positively gives back to the community?   I deserve transparency. from my neighbors. 


More  dismay, -More revolving door issues:  the problem house 205 Park Lane, Kings Beach CA 96143, had a loud outside birthday party April 1, 2020. I have grown very distraught over this house, the noise and the constant dog barking at every person who comes & goes, excessive vehicles, also parking on weeded shoulders of the road, just under a county no parking sign even (just so simple it is backwards for them. They do not look at the sign nor to what is on the correct facing side for the direction of a regular car, nor does the county enforce something as real as that, that I have witnessed anyway.  Often the hot tail pipes on those cars just in from highway driving park over the dry weeds - after I have been inundated on fire prevention.  There has been a warning notice on a vehicle but in my opinion the hostess does not flinch, ie., it's not her car and she knows it was temporary, party is over for this weekend    The little  dog obnoxious  loud  chicken McNugget dog, had appeared to be, being minded  for a short time until  on April 16th, her tenants cars were gone, but she had a fresh new visitor, in a jeep and that dog's ear piercing bark was battling for attention over their conversation and loud music coming from inside the house from the open patio door. 

To the date of this writing 205 Park Lane exceeds the space in their trash bear box it overflows to the outside and days prior to pick up, even tho they have had a young bear die outside their house (hit on hwy after investigating their trash) been told by authorities not too (as seen in court documents dating back to 2014).  In my opinion if they did not have so many guests all the time, they may not have so much trash that they can not manage properly.  (see also pictures above)

pictures 011.JPG

The day of April 22, frustratingly  I noticed more unknown vehicles at 205 Park Lane..  I documented the vehicles for this report and was sitting at my outside desk enjoying some fresh air when the opposite of relaxing and fresh air happened!

A bad smoke smell came up the slope as does sound , it's a natural amphitheater around this side of the Basin.  With that smell it intensified to something worse like brakes,  An odd light  puff of a cloud went thru my yard and around my workspace. Not liking this; concern.   I decided to go investigate.  

So I walked to the front of my property (sad but true thinking it was 205 Park, ie., the problem house or a car on the hwy).

As I looked to my left, which is toward the HWY; I saw back smoke & flames coming out of  204 Park Lane's garage.

I immediately called 911 & went to see if my neighbors were ok!  I saw the 205 Park Lane, ie., problem house kids outside & they too were aware of the fire and called 911.  However they did not think to to move their cars or make room for emergency teams 8 fear of explosion!!! So I found myself calling out for them to move their cars - get them out of the way -this could jump and we need to make space for crews to get in, I insisted!!!  They scrambled around.   The vehicles were moved. And teh emergency crews needed all that space and more!


Thank goodness it was nice weather (as seen in other reports, this house has guests park illegally on this already bottle neck one way/in one way out residential street on numerous occasions and seasons.    

**Emergency Vehicles & Tax Payers need the Roadway that this Rental House takes up.** 
-*Season Round *-
Cars from 205 Park Lane compromising (as usual) the already tight bottle neck one and only one entrance & exit to the residents on our street. (while fire was already underway seconds before FIre Crews needed the space)