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Additional ways to kill viruses to household cleaning Products
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Phonebooth Pod
Additions &/or improvements:
With or with out doors.  (Doors are an add on). (best if darker to contain the light which kills germs & viruses.  
Can walk thru like a metal detector at the airport (if light conditions are conductive) - (or this is when the doors come in to concept - dark thick plexi glass where we can see the human silhouette but it makes it dark enough for the UV light to work. ). Perhaps we make the existing metal detectors in sync with the UV light - the metal detector goes inside the UV Box Pod) ). 
Or lean against doorway and add a door to the extended side. 
Add Doors on Both ends to make a phonebooth effect.
Doors that wrap inside - pleated, corrugated or slider...-vs- swing for weather
Keep the original flat roof.
Aframe - or weather shedding
Slant to one side
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