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Professional Skincare Integrity 

Thank you for Supporting and Purchasing from a Licensed Skincare Professional. There are many reasons it is to your advantage to purchase products from a Skincare Professional. 
FDA Approved -vs - Organic.   Pharmaceutical Grade -vs - Cosmetic Grade.
Patronizing Professional Skincare Office  - vs-  a Retail Store &/or Mass Warehouse supply: 
While everyone may say they want what is best for you, I believe that a Licensed Professional has had to study and be tested on skin anatomy, chemistry, sanitation and more.  A Skilled Licensed Skincare Professional will come with that training and extensive experience here at Second Youth.
I have invested in that specific education and recently purchased an empty lot and built a custom, private skincare studio. This is the best way I can offer sustainability and going green in a non-commercial setting on private property, which means keeping over head low and privacy high.
Facials are frequently used as a series of diagnostic steps to see how your skin looks, acts, feels and performs, then we are able to assess the condition and help the skin to our best ability.  We usually do so with our Tailored Services and custom Product Selection.  
Advanced Aestheticians (skincare specialists) not only have Chemistry knowledge for Product  Ingredients but also understand how to apply them to different skin types.  
The Skin is a live Organ.  It is our largest Organ.  It can talk to us: tell us whether it is soothed, irritated, burnt, wounded, etc.  It is forever changing with things like: time of day (sun exposure), level of exfoliation, hydration, PH Balance, skin cancer screening, capillary activity and more. We can determine  these things using UV Camera, Microscopes and other equipment. 
Here at Second Youth/Tahoe Skincare we hold a low level of inventory on purpose, so it is always fresh.  
We also protect our products from sun exposure on the retail shelves and back bar by keeping them behind two layers of sunshade screen curtains to ensure the client gets the best we can offer.
Second Youth / Tahoe Skincare opened in 1995 and is the original Clinical Skincare custom Studio in Incline Village, (north shore of Lake Tahoe) The owner also maintains licenses in five additional states, is a member of Associated Skincare Professionals, is Insured. and takes continuing education to keep up with the Industry  (see Green and History pages for details).  
We have studied  product chemistry to bring you what is right for you, we sell and provide Professional Services and Products. 
We will match &/or beat prices if you find our professional products elsewhere (inquire within).   
- vs- 
A Commercial Store (selling:  Random Items, Souvenirs, Clothing, Jewelry, Trinkets, Tools, Etc.) 
with Employee or Staff members who hopefully took the brief (usually a couple of hours) Product knowledge Class given by the Wholesaler; teaching advertising, selling and very basic product knowledge, but no in depth instruction about skin care anatomy &/or combined chemistry has
no professional skincare schooling, testing, licensing and regulating. 
Another concern is the display of the products themselves:  have they been exposed to the sun, is there a large stock (how fresh), have they been or are they (in the sun), or (heat) or (freezing) temperatures?  How fresh is their inventory?    What if there was a batch issue, could these businesses help you?                           

Worse are known scenarios of mass warehouse sales that have even been deemed to be faux labels or even expired products.
The problem with Amazon and professional skincare products.  
Walmart and more.  
Ask yourself: 
What is the professional skincare skill set to properly sell the correct product? ... How well does the personnel who you are buying products from Know Skin Anatomy, specifically Your Skin or Pharmaceutical Grade vs Cosmetic Grade Skincare Chemistry?  Etc... 
What is the motivation for their sale? Do they want you to reach your targeted goals and are there for you along the journey or does the seller simply want to make a sale?  
In conclusion.
These are just some major reason why I would never buy from a mass warehouse company or a regular retailer (with no skincare chemistry background) when buying quality skincare.   
Related topic but same principle; we are not in practice to sell tropical ideals (in the mountains). 
We are Second Youth Skincare for Men & Women located in two locations:   
North Lake Tahoe ( with a new custom studio.
 And ironically, I do have professional & personal interest in the Islands  to which we will tailor your skincare needs for those specific type of climate needs as well.
 ( see also  
I'm here to help you be best suited in the environment your skin is in.   
For more Professional background including Mountains & Tropics please see Elevation and  SPF pages.  
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