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How are you?!  Please LMK.  :)

I am offering select (priority cases) while maintaining  social distance appropriate services free services and products to communities near and far.  And am brainstorming constantly to learn what else I may be able to help with.  I have come up with some and not ready to release them.  

I've had some questions from my regular long time customers, from do "you" think we are over reacting to some of my clients are hunkering down (please do  not need to worry yourselves). Keep doing what you are doing, that good hygiene routine that is, stay as well fed, fit and relaxed as you can.  

As I told my Family in: Seattle, the Bay, LA (also have a brother stuck in Mexico (government politics) this all happen to fall when it is mandatory for him to travel and renew his working (world engineer)  Visa - apart from my parents) at a very heightened time of worry,

"Spa Mentality". 

Clean, Relax.  (repeat 3x).  Relax, Clean.  When you need a change up:  shoulder circles (&/or more), Relax.  

"Spa Mentality". 


See video, it's for all of you.   <3 <3  <3

Those of you/us who are scared that things have quite'ed down so much in the world.  Be assured that some of us are grateful for that.  We need peace and quiet to think.. 


Place like here finally feel like home again.  Hurray!!!  T@&*#  was a mess!   

Those of you who really know me you know what I mean:  not just snow or a zoo, but the over construction.,  traffic...

And you know I personally have experienced the at home relaxed of the never lock your door vibe but my security (god given right to feel secure in your home & right for quiet enjoyment) had been broken.  This criminal was employed by the construction world,  annother in the Hospital Sleep Therapy Studies.  My trust in the system is brittle at best as I am fist hand witness to a corrupt, appointed judge  (who after 20 years I was able to get disqualified and saw into "early retirement"),, 

My street was peaceful except for a notorious drug house that got stupid in the last 10 years.  It has been awful!   A legal battle was just the base line, they finally quit the illegal Airbnb too because they got caught: (profiting & not paying taxes).  And just before the media frenzy about COVID-19 one of the c(lass mates that grew up here also a party'er) died there; celebration of life was held Feb 29th;  two rumors 1: facebook claim was he had the worst flu ever.   2.  Died of over dose.

Either way the roommates drove him to our local private hospital.  

Nightmare house continued to party until only recently when our Government made Social Distancing and Public Health Announcements Serious.   

The last decade plus was just too much here,  Pollution, wild fires, mustang issues, more festivals than ever in our parks  ..........and waters.  

We were bursting out the seems, too many only focused monopolizing on from the environment.  People are in places they just should not be (none of my school mates class '91  (ahead of me &/or below me) (we usually, since the opening of the school have do reunions in four year group gatherings) (&/or lifers here)  agreed with the East Shore Bike Path for example and none of the four papers:: Bonanza,, Reno Gazette, Sac Bee, Moonshine papers ever printed my report:.  

I sure hope crowd control is a new concept here in my global attraction tourist destination get away, that has been my home before I was in the second grade.  

I also hope this creates the attraction to earnestly show to the community what you do to protect the environment, not just use it., ie "live here". (on earth).   See Lit Match demonstration of Social Distancing video 

Ironically this is no news to us (extended hygiene)  I am grateful that actual cities & communities too are doing it (it's about time!)  This is a wonderful time to be grateful.  Bless those who did not have time to prepare. 


Thank goodness for the youth already asking/demanding for changes. I hope the environmentalist youths of the world get their wish and the ball doesn't go right back into the toxic game that was going on before:  Emissions, Whale Fishing in Asia, Wild Horse Round Ups in USA. Etc......

So much so, that is the kind of things  that gives me peace.  

In the meanwhile, good job- stay clean, healthy, rested, hydrated, nourished, informed, quit bad habits and relax.  

Spa Mentality   

OMGoodness, do we need another Mobile  Spa?!   (I mean we've had it right, this whole time!)  (Extended Hygiene, Social Distancing, Relax Near & Far.)   :)

 {Who's laughing (at the idea & girl wearing gloves) now, eh? -(you know who you are.). }  

We Will Get Thru This.    

I look forward to seeing you soon




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SY - JS - IV High School - Skincare Pres
SY - Young Girls Skincare Birthday Party
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Sure has been wild and crazy ride.

Thank you for all the boot camp training!

You know who you are.  xOXoXxO

Hopefully once we get past the shock, panic, chaos, wait for your head to implode time period to pass;  And clean up the aftermath.  I think we all will enjoy the good of the situation. 

Without a doubt,  know who you are I  can reply on!

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Skincare - Not Just a Wrapper. Your 1st line to Immune Defense.

SY - Facial Chair.jpg

Professional Aesthetician (aesthetics, skincare).

This video also refers to what I am currently working on regarding the COVID-19 and offering to communities near and far; free and a safe distance. Stay tuned as things update. Thank you for your understanding that this was not rehearsed (nor edited) {and might not be at this current worldly time- until things across the board are more settled}.

This video is meant to help educate, reinforce and LYK I am here to help.


General overview on Basic and Professional Skincare, Extended Hygiene and your Service Provider.

Skin is your first line to Immune Defense. The skins job is to hold you together and the rest of the world out.


We will get thru this. Blessings!!!

----(no smoking) (extended cleanliness) (relax) (spa mentality)----, aka Second Youth Complete Skincare for Men & Women (SY).

Support fellow communities as well my passion is the wild horses in our neighboring mountains and  happy to offer the option to contribute to the wild horse cause (personally verified legitimate non-profits).  .  
If you have time on your hands go to my website (Helping Animals And Yourself) and minimally vote.
(JD, see my radio announcer time).  ;)



Creative Ideas

Trade Service Labor

SY - Jessica -  Lasering Tomatoes (test
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song by, Nahko Bear, Aloha Ke Akua 

I know Nahko thru our mutual friends 

Steven Kirk, who personally hand built my skincare studio utilizing as much green building concepts as possible.  

Tim Snider, Violinist  (who also knows

Lacy J Dalton, Last Wild Place 

Lacy J Dalton, I'm A Survivor , (famous guitarist & singer)

Lives in Virginia City, NV


,Advocate for our wild horses - . 


I' have personal friends that  are:

Mayors Panel.  Lobbyists (I've accompanied and given speeches at the Capital), Lawyers, CPA's..  A (CEO) of a N CA Hospital, people who work at the Mayo, Head &ER Nurses,,  Pharmacy Tech Student, and Fire Department.s , Personal Hygiene  Service Providers.  (Clinical & Cosmetic). . 

I have friends who are, business owners large (cover of Forbes Magazine). Engineers  (Who travel the world)  and small. Professors,  Principles and school teachers of all levels.  Airline pilots, ex military.  Artists (of all kinds).  Shaman and Astrologers.  Chefs and Nutritionists. Yogi's & Sports Extremists.  Farmers & Gardeners.   Non-Profits, Animal Activists, Labor and Trades and more.........., 

Music Producers  (I'm a retired Preforming  Aerialist), Bands.  I have  been on live Radio several times with Lacy on her Radio News Program  (via America Matters, then at 11AM on Wednesdays we had an hour news show called Mustang Matters, hosted by Lacy J Dalton, regarding  Wild Horses. 


And my large, loving, brilliant, important family is just as wonderful!


SY - Picture Collage Cover.JPG

 This is a shout out for my personal friend; song by LACY J DALTON, Listen to the Wind.  

We met thru a mutual love of the Wild Wild Horses and the wild wild west.  

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