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Our Products:range from Pharmaceutical to Organic  Cosmetic Grades.  We have  Cleansers, Exfolients, Acne Specialties, Photo Damage, Couperous, Eczema & Psoriasis Cleansing and Healing Muds, Moisturizers, & Full UV SPF’S Pharmaceutical / Medical Grade, Clean Light Weight, Natural  Ingredients with Excellent Antibacterial, Antioxidants & Hydrating Agents for Deep Penetration & Healthy Cell Proliferation.

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Whether you are at home or away from home and traveling (national) and find yourself in need of skincare products. 

I am happy to help you with your skincare needs.  You can still get Products from me if I am at my other work location,

no problem.  

We can help.

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Because products are constantly being updated as inventory & slight prices levels change mostly due to season.   


In our SY Skincare Studio's I choose to keep a smaller (basic) inventory stock (on hand) and  I order regularly, in order to give you  products at their freshest. 

We are more than happy to order custom orders and ship to our location and then to you  if we do not have the products you need on hand..   

SY values Professional Integrity.  .  

Thank you for visiting the preview of the product page; 

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 We are Excited to Announce 

*New *

is Online GLYMED Product Ordering

directly from the lab/manufacturer 

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*(New -  with)  GlyMed - Advanced Aesthetics skincare Products, we have an online store directly with the manufacturer.  Meaning when you link to GlyMed via our Second Youth's website portal (link) you are able to create an account and order directly from GlyMed because you are a client of Second Youth.  We are also able to access your purchase history to better help with any potential questions., etc   GlyMed is fast & friendly, and will send your product order to you.  Offering you all the retail products available to you and with their seal of approval on the highest of integrity regarding professional product quality control .  

(*FYI - Sales are processed thru GlyMed and applied to my Tax records; ie., thank you for doing business with us!).  

Simply register and make an account.  

If you are in the general online store please  enter our

Store Label: secondyouthglymedproducts


Alternatively, to place an order simply create a shopping list with pick up  or mail information

by e-mailing it to us at

Text &/or Call at 1.775.831.6046

If you know the product(s) you are interested in, you can simply add up your total

(x 7.25% tax if in CA) and (factor for shipping if needed)

prepay with the PayPal {Secured} Payment Method, 

Pay/Pal will generate a receipt for your items paid. Second Youth will too. 

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We have studied skin anatomy and product chemistry to bring you what is right for your skincare needs.
We sell and provide  Professional Services and Products. 

Product Lines (A-Z) 

Clinical Product Line - Targeted for Serious and Soothing Care: 

Advanced Aesthetics - GlyMed

Click on link to see full line of GlyMed Products available to you on our online store.  Simply register to place the order and it will be shipped to you. directly from the manufacturer/lab (get products at your convenience,, customer support available,, always fresh and guaranteed) ..   

link to GLYMed SkinCare Products,

 (ideas of known favorites/best sellers below (and more): 

AHA - Accelerator

Alpha Hydroxy Exfolient

Diamond Bright Skin Lightner

New Drone Technology to reduce and control pigmentation 


Living Cell Clarifier

Skin Lightening Serum

SPF Glymed Photoage Environmental Gel
Protects skin from photo aging...

Vitamin C Serum

Sundamage, AntiOxidant

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Organic Cosmetic Lines - Healthy Smells Good Feels Good

SY orders directly from manufacturer (not a 3rd party &/or warehouse)

(& we purposely stock low levels of inventory in which we order frequently so items are their freshest.. 

We will match &/or beat prices if you find these products elsewhere

(inquire within).   

SY - Eminence Logo.jpg

Eminence does not support any products seen on Amazon or other unaccredited (professional skincare) store as an Eminence product. 

They are possibly a faux, they are not sold by Eminence to the warehouse and are not guaranteed by Eminence.  

I support transparency, so if you need more reassurance regarding this issue please contact my Eminence representative directly.  

Felicia Steinfeld

Customer Development Specialist
Eminence Organic Skin Care


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Epicuren is a lovely product line.  But too the professional industries dismay, in the last few years Epicuren does sell to warehouse third party distributors as well as random retail stores.  . 

I question the integrity of the products; ie., storage (heat, cold, sun, etc..), age, etc., of warehoused and random retailer product maintenance;. therefore I purchase directly from the manufacturer to guarantee the product batch and freshness.    


Volatile organic chemicals secreted by the body to promote sexual attraction...



Save My Face Pillow-Sm.


Save My Face Pillow-Lg.


Touch N' Brow Razor


Tweezer Slant


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