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Where we bring you committed Organ care.

For people who are serious about their skin.

All of the skin treatments are designed to improve the skins integrity and show noticeable improvement to the texture, tone and elasticity.  Choose from a Deep Cleaning or a Supple Sensation.

You as our Customer Deserve the Very Best

The Skincare Studio: 

Second Youth  (SY) focuses on the fundamental conditions of skin care and customizing in the treatments of simplex disorders, ranging from Acne, Couperous, Eczema, Photodamage (sun), Psoriasis and more.
Our Products and Services are tailored to your needs and include a variety of Facial & Body Care.
Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM) Techniques are also offered during the facial massages.  This helps in draining the lymph glands and nodes in the area of the treatment.  LDM is also good for the Reversal of Muscle Crease Lines.  
We offer a variety of Professional Lines with Medical Grade Ingredients:
Chemical Peels, Physical Exfolients (Dermaplanning, Microdermabrasion) &/or Products.
Permanent Make-Up,  Microblading.  
Eyelash &/or Eyebrow Tinting. 
Self Tanning.
Removal of:
Broken Capillaries, Skin Tags, Cherry Anginomas. 
Extreme Slivers.
& more.
SY also carries an extensive range of Medical and/or Natural based Products available for purchase, that will compliment any service.
SY offers UV photography, Woodslamp, 15x diapeter Microscopes, (for a thorough Analysis).
SY was originally in Incline Village since 1995  (for near 20 years). 
I am proud to announce the new lakeview  (& skylights) Skincare Studio now located in Brockway (aka Kings Beach).  We have always been a quaint office designed for personalized care and just got better.  SY is an independent studio located on private property which adds to a more relaxed environment - vs- dealing with commercial office space. A plus is a more cost effective approach which is my way of making efforts for a greener future.  
SY and operates by appointment only.
Whether you’re a local in North Lake Tahoe or a vacationer, a visit to Second Youth is a wonderful pass time and way to create a micro-vacation for one and provides an opportunity to enhance your well being.


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If you know the service(s) &/or product you are interested to book you can also add up your total and prepay with the PayPal {Secured} Payment Method,  Pay/Pal will generate a receipt for your items paid.  We look forward to seeing you soon.  Thank you.

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