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(if you are seeing this message, I probably know you


a person very close to you.)




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Fun Throw Back & more in middle & bottom of page.

I'm 1st Aeriaist  after dancers (starts on video 3;28)

Beach Performance w/ friends from TFA

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Time for a Short Announcement Break



from your



(active skincare specialist)

Performing Aerialist


Here are just some of the 'ol samples of Musician Friends in 'the know'

plus more.... :)

Wild Horses & West is a passion of mine and you may also heard about - Helping Animals And Yourself & 

thru music and becoming a  performing Aerialist  that how we may have crossed paths.

Fun Throw Back & more in middle &  bottom of page.

GF Festival w/ friends & Pimps of Joytime 

I'm Aeriaist  in the trees over head




This page is a shout out to loved ones all over!  


Dedicated to my loved ones in special places.


for all you do and have done!

- please know you are loved and being thought of -  

and unique businesses that may be interested:



JamCruise - Cloud9


Virginia City 




(:  -SERIOUSLY -  :)


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Hygienically speaking; this is a very important time to be Unified and not 'The Melting Pot'.  

Artists, live industry brace for a year without concerts: 'Is there is a better place for spreading disease?'

Some studies suggest that social distancing measures affecting gatherings like concerts may need to deployed into 2022. -By August Brown, Los Angeles Times, 4/17/2020 featuring the cover of Rolling Stones

We all know wash your hands

Now is the time to take things a step further.

This is what I 

am, studying

Offering & Have Done.

Near & Far, Educational, Free, Safe...

To Help

re: COVID -19 era



Online Dermatology 

Medical & Organic Grade Products

-from a professional supplier- 




Many of us Practice Good Hygiene.  

*note- 'The Professional Man' are generally my Best Customers.  

They understand the importance of proper grooming and are great with making, keeping and enjoying their appointment.

A healthy & hygienically savvy Women are my next best customer; as they too understand the importance of extended care and seek out products & services that they could not otherwise do at home.  


During COVID times and more,  simple tips for extended care are more critical than ever.:  

Relax, De-stress, Restore,  Get and Stay Healthy, Eat Well,

Laugh, Breathe,  Diligent Care,.ie, Spa Mentality!

Better Care should become A World Sensation.  

Time to change the scene to  




 Self & Environment


Creative  & Meaningful 

People & Times.  

We are also an 

Original 1947 Lake & Mountain View Cabin


Private Spa Care.

(walking distance of trails, beaches, businesses & more)

example: (Crystal Bay Casino, CBC is a 10 minute or less walk)

Private Property.




no matter the

location &/or occasion.  

If you are interested in supporting

someone who is a lifer here,

cares about giving back

Earnestly maintaining & sharing Property 


keeping up with the environmental issues 

rather than big hotels, casinos, ski areas & some misc venues... 

- it does concern me during this contagious viral time -

People are literally all around. 

My back yard mountain for an example has visitors by the masses some seasons. 

Majority come in peace

although our own personal pollution comes too, if even for only a moment  noise, light, crunch the earth, stir up the water, etc..but it is there.  




Most come for exploration. 

Some are trying to send a message,   

Lots have dogs (good dogs - but...still dogs.)

Others come to feel the majesty.  


For a music reference; an example:

Medicine -song by, Rising Appalachia - example of 

 that look out is literally my back yard.- time to clean up the music style scene.



Blessings to All

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Visitors Guid - NLT - Crysta Bay Fire Lo

Music and the Mountains- Guitarfish 

(:     PLEASE - I HAVE A REQUEST    :)

As you probably know by now majority of the

swab tests are specifically being taken from the nasal area.


It is time for a new style & scene!


Time to Rid of Excess Facial Accessories

examples: if your extra face accessories can not fit securely under a face mask.: 

like any kind of:

Long Face Hair,

{Example:  'This Guy' has never been known to have Professional Skincare & Maintenance in my 30 yr career.  And I know for a fact all the potential for dead skin cells, different oils, bacteria that can grow, fester, populate and be concealed  on a beard like this. -

- Down Right Nasty-!!!}


Nasal & Lip Jewelry

  finger and wrist jewelry are in question too...


Ya know, loose the dreadlocks, untidy long hair, stuff like that.  

It is essential time to tidy & polish up!  


-until scientists can prove - how to control wide-   

Stay tuned for rel life topics like latex - vs - vinyl.   

Answer= Oil products break the protective latex barrier. 

What is better liquid  -vs - bar soap?  Why? 

-Spa Cleanse & Concepts ....-


** * Rock Steady**


*Been Ready* 

-Training for Germicidal Warfare-



I sold the Mobile RV Spa 

In experimenting; I brought it to a few music festivals:

High Sierra Music Festival - where my friend 's  RV next to us had the live bands on the roof

*we had a dance floor on ours*.


Guitarfish Festival -  .

I even loaned it out, free of charge when

friends needed an office for

the Preforming Artists to  Check In -Out. 

There are many artists and crowd goers!


Regrettably there is always one bad seed in the crowd.

About 90% of you know who & what I am referring to. 

And primary reasons I do not patronize live music in my local area anymore.   Or anywhere Funk is widely promoted and his guy may be there as he is a regular festival-er 

Can you stand it to my dismay, there is that one; a (local) bully.  Who had the audacity made fun of me for bringing this RV and another other for wearing cleaning gloves while doing some camp chores.

Next are very profound is the bully & buddies

And if you know anything about festival camping; much is simply Modern Day Present Ville.  

So yes, please much prefer to have the Funk out of my face  

so yes, learning all of this felt like war,  And we never knew what that was good for.  :)

As much as I dig the music and love to dance  as this is most likely the way I met you.   

There are many great genres out there!  Funk (used to be one of my top favorite music genres),

The Name Sake  is hugely played out now tho.  

And if you really do know me; you know the many reasons why it's not any more. Book is in last edit. 


My music request: Keep the beat if you must  but just change the  Phunking name at least! 


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Funk's Out Groovy's In - mean people suc

song by Led Zepplin - Thank you

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Editor - Nulifar Massdjedi Smith- Jeff F